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Posted: August 24, 2011 in COLLEGE FOOTBALL

Ladies and Gentlemen college football will be upon us in 7 days! Finally as these preseason games are just killing me! We will be doing a preview of each of the Big 6 conferences and Notre Dame. First up is of course the Big Easy or Big East what ever you want to call it.

Both Tyrone and myself have a different champion, but after reading the preview that we post go ahead and determine who do you think will take the crown.First up though is the all Big East 1st team                                                                            

QB – Geno Smith WV

RB- Isaiah Pead Louisville, and Ray Graham Pitt

WR – DJ Woods Cinn, and Tavon Austin WV

TE – Nick Provo Syracuse

OT-Don Barclay WV, and Lucas Nix Pitt

OG – Chris Jacobson Pitt, and Jeremiah Warren USF

C – Joe Madsen

DE – Bruce Irvin WV, Brandon Lindsey Pitt

DT – Julian Miller WV, Chas Alecxih Pitt

MLB – JK Shaffer, Cinn

OLB – DeDe Lattimore USF, Max Gruder Pitt

CB – Keith Tandy WV, Blidi Wreh-Wilson Uconn

S – Jared Holley Pitt, Terrance Garvin WV

The Big East conference has been the weakest of the big 6 conferences since……well I guess since ever. Years ago they were raided by the ACC for Boston College, Miami, and Virgina Tech.  Today the conference features ZERO heavy hitters. The closest this conference had to a serious national title contender was the years of Pat White and Steve Slaton duo with coach Richy Rodriguez calling the shots. Well those days have long been over, and now the conference is just dying for some sort of contender.  But just like last year, it wont happen!

1.Pitt, 10-2 – New HC Todd Graham takes over for one of the worst head coaches of all-time, yes we are talking about the Dave Wannstedt, the same Dave Wannstedt that was the coach of the Miami Dolphins a couple of years ago.  Well Coach Dave did not leave the cupboard bare. This team is geared up to win the conference with a returning QB Tino Sunseri and his huge target 6-5 Mike Shanahan. The running game loses all world Dion Lewis, but backup RB Ray Graham rushed for 922 yards at 6 yards a pop! The defense brings back 8 starters, and that is including the big boy in the middle Chas Alecxih and his mate DE Brandon Lindsey.  The two combined for 17 and half sacks, which was half of Pitts 34 sacks last year.  If the opposing QB is getting killed then life will be a whole lot easier for CB Antuan Reed shutting down the opposing WR. Season looks really bright for Todd Graham’s first year in Pitt!

Ty’s pick – USF for the title

2.Cinn, 10-2 – HC Butch Jones replaced former HC Brian Kelly both at Cinn and Central Michigan. Unfortunately he led Cinn to a 4-8 finish after this program enjoyed Big East titles in both 2008 and 2009 seasons. This year though will be a lot different. 10 starters come back for the defense and I expect a huge improvement.  Defensive ends Brandon Mills and Dan Giordano will combine to hurt QB’s and MLB JK Schaffer has everything that moves up the middle. The secondary is solid but 7 picks, not going to cut it. On the other side of the ball if three new starters on the line can be found then QB Zach Collaros will have an amazing senior year. Last year he threw for over 2900 yards and 26 touchdowns, but he also gave the other team the ball 12 times. Have to cut that down, I’m thinking he does. Isaiah Pead is going to be a good look at RB, again, 1000 yards last year, and he’ll get it again. The only thing stopping this team from winning the Big East is road dates at USF and Pitt. Win one of those two games and another trophy can be Nippert Stadium.

Straight serving the Big East, Pead gots this!!

3.West Virginia, 9-3 – Welcome to Morgantown Dana Holgorsen, its about time the AD wised up and forced Bill Stewart out. In fact why did he give him that job in the first place. Bill didn’t even know he was at a football game half the time! Back to Holgorsen and his high powered offensive system. We are talking about a system that dropped 44 points a game last year for Ok St. Now he’s going to do it in the Big East! Whoa!! With QB Geno Smith at the helm, and receivers Tavon Austin and Brad Starks expect to see a lot of points on the score board. Now the D is going to be either hit or miss. Last year this defense held teams to 13 points a game. But that was last year and they lost 8 starters off that d, last I checked WV has to rebuild, they don’t reload. Julian Miller though is back with his 9 sacks from last year, and so is also Bruce Irvin with his 14 sacks. The linebackers and the secondary is where the concern lies. CB Keith Tandy is a beast, six ints and 11 pass deflections is great, but who is the other corner again? Oh yeah that guy! It might get bad in that secondary, especially with a conference returning so many QBs. Its going to be bad for the Big East defenses!

4.USF, 9-3 – I have USF this low cause BJ Daniels just can’t throw the ball. I mean 13 ints to 11 tds last year? Cmon now. Thats not going to win football games. The Lincoln HS(Tallahassee) product can sure run, but throw….eeeh thats not his strength, in fact I really don’t think he even knows how to sling the ball. The Bulls do get big-time transfer Darrell Scott from Colorado, I only say big time cause he was a top 5 recruit coming out of high school a couple of years ago. Then he was beat down, out, and up of the starting job by Rodney Stewart and comes to Tampa to finish off a dismal college football career.  I expect some flashes, but thats only when they play Ball St and FAMU. Other than that, this guy is going to suck. I called Scott to be a bum when he came out of high school(lied on his 40 time, stiff hips) and I’m calling him to be a mid-tier back in the Big East. Good riddance. On defense DeDe Lattimore is the next great USF player being drafted, defensive end Ryne Giddens has a lot of hype but this team loses all its big games and wins the little games. See you in the Pin Stripe Bowl!

5.UCONN, 7-5 – Randy Edsall took a better paying job in Md, and former Syracuse coach Paul Pasqualoni is going to try and resurrect his career. Can we say epic fail. This team brings back 16 starters, cool. But if none are named Jordan Todman then it really doesn’t matter as their superstar RB is gone and no one on this roster is capable of replacing him. Its going to get bad in Storrs, but hey at least they have basketball. Oh wait, the Legend Kemba Walker left to the NBA as well. Ok, so then they have memories of helping Okl dog slap them all over the Fiesta Bowl field. This is probably going to be their last year of bowling for a while as the recruiting class is pathetic at best.

6.Louisville, 5-7 – Don’t worry Cardinal fans, soon enough Charlie Strong is going to start fielding powerhouse teams. Especially on the defense! 7 starters come back on defense, and most of them are underclassmen as well. The recruiting class brings in some studs as Coach Strong can recruit Fl, just ask Northwestern HS as he convinced dual-threat QB Teddy Bridgewater to come to Louisville as he was sealed, signed, and delivered to the “uuuuuuuuuu”. I guess Nevin Shapiro didn’t offer him enough.  A couple of years and maybe   this program that takes over the Big Easy, my fault Big East.

7.Rutgers, 4-8 – I can’t stand it when Rutgers fans(yes they do exist) think that their team is good and any day now the program is going to bounce back. Nooooooooooo Ray Rice is gone, Kenny Britt is on someone’s fantasy football team, its not happening! In fact what team did Rutgers beat was good? I mean for real?? This team goes on a HBCU tour and beats teams like Norfolk St, Howard, Texas Southern, Morgan St and all of a sudden they are good? Here is a good idea! Kick this team out of the conference cause they are a fraud, and replace them with Central Florida.

“I’ll take the Meats and Cheese Bowl please, thank you.”

8.Syracuse, 3-9 – This team won 8 games last year and shocked everyone! Wont happen again as Akron, Maine, and Colgate(quick who is the most famous athlete to come out of Colgate??? Thats right Adonal Foyle!) Man someone roll the highlight tapes of McNabb to Marvin Harrison! Those were the days!!!

OPOY – Geno Smith

DPOY – Dede Lattimore

Recruiting – Louisville

Charlie Strong brought in Teddy Bridgewater and WR Eli Rogers from south Florida, not to mention big boy Bryant Dubose for the DL. Watch out for athlete Calvin Pryor as he can play a multitude of positions and flew under the radar till his senior year.

  1. Kevin Lee says:

    Big East preview is on and poppin!!

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