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Posted: August 25, 2011 in COLLEGE FOOTBALL

The ACC has been down, well that’s according  to everyone but Virginia Tech Chokie, excuse me, Hokie fans.  The media likes to point out that the expansion has not worked for this conference. Adding Boston College, Virginia Tech, and Miami has done……well nothing really.  When these three schools took flight to the ACC from the Big East the conference was supposed to become one of THE premier football conferences instead of just a basketball conference or “Florida State and the Eight Dwarfs” of football.  Well the experiment blew up and failed.  Both FSU and Miami fell off, Boston College never even got a shot with the Boston media(its a Pro-town, nuff said), and as far as BCS Bowl victories are concerned, only two ACC schools have won a BCS bowl since its doctrine in 1999(FSU 99, VA Tech 08.) That maybe a little bit past pathetic, especially when five different schools have won the conference. Well I guess that’s part of the perception that the conference is down. When teams like Maryland and Wake Forest win the ACC, then the ACC was not that good to begin with. Really can anyone imagine Wake Forest winning the ACC?! Hold on while I vomit at that memory!

So the naysayers continue to state that as long as both FSU and Miami are down, then the conference is going to be down. Well because of ponzi-schemer Nevin Shapiro, Miami may never get back up.  Lets try 72 Miami players named to have received benefits, including 15 current players! Now FSU on the other hand is a different story completely.  The Jimbo Fisher era began last year as a senile Bobby Bowden(we still love you Bobby) was dragged out of the head coach’s office kicking and screaming. How did Jimbo respond? Well after recruiting the ESPN #6 class, Jimbo just went ahead and won the Atlantic division in the ACC, won the state by disposing of both Miami and Fl with a combined score of 76-24, and of course winning 10 games including two victories against SEC schools.  Now is FSU back?? Well they are pretty damn close, September 17 when Oklahoma comes to town the nation we’ll find out. While the ACC does have other huge non-conference games that can help the conference “build” face, cause aint nothing really to save!

Clemson vs Auburn, Miami vs Ohio St, Miami vs USF, NC St vs Cinn, MD vs WV, Georgia Tech vs Kansas, and the Jeopardy Bowl “Duke vs Stanford!” Don’t hold your breath ACC fans.

ACC 1st Team

QB – Danny O’Brien MD

RB – Lamar Miller Miami, Montel Harris BC

WR – Dwight Jones UNC, Jarrett Boykin Va Tech

TE – George Bryan

OT – Andrew Datko FSU, Blake DeChristopher VA Tech

OG – Brandon Washington “the U”, Jonathon Cooper UNC

C – Cam Holland UNC

DE – Quinton Coples(Cyborg) UNC, Brandon Jenkins FSU

DT – Tydreke Powell UNC, Brandon Thompson Clemson

MLB – Luke Kuechly

OLB – Nigel Bradham FSU, Bruce Taylor Va Tech

CB – Xavier Rhodes FSU, Jayron Hosley Va Tech

S – Kenny Tate MD, Eddie Whitley Va Tech


1.FSU, 11-1 – So what can Jimbo Fisher do for an encore? Well the bar has been raised considerably high. If FSU does not win the ACC, well the season was a failure.  FSU must not only win the ACC, but also compete for the national title for the season to be a true success.  That’s a lot on the shoulders of newly crowned starting QB EJ “the Great” Manuel.  No disrespect to Christian Ponder, who ended up being drafted by the Vikings in the 1st round, but EJ was a hand-picked Jimbo recruit at QB.  Coming from the Tidewater Area in VA, EJ continues a long list of winning QBs from the area which include Mike and Marcus Vick, Ronald Curry, and Aaron Brooks.  Now EJ is the typical inexperienced QB, we are talking 09 Gator Bowl MVP, and 6-2 record as the starter. At 6-5 240lbs boasting a 4.5 forty, EJ is a freight train once he takes off. Good thing for opposing defenses that he likes to be a pocket passing QB.  The running game is by committee and features Chris Thompson, Ty Jones, and Jermaine Thomas which combined accumulated over 1800 yards.  This year’s addition to the backfield though will also feature Big James Wilder Jr, and Devonta Freeman who was on campus participating in the spring after he rushed for over 650 yards in Florida’s 6A semi and state championship game.  Now can a WR step up? Seriously who was the last great Seminole wideout? Yeah Javon Walker, and that was eons ago!  Bert Reed this is your final season, make it count or you will be replaced. Now the defense is going to be something to talk about! After that dismal 2009 season where the defense couldn’t stop any offense that had a pulse, Mark Stoops showed up into town and actual taught defense!? Yes, the defense before 2009 didn’t even HAVE a playbook! When looking at the defense though you will see a HUGE difference. No more 230lbs DE and 270 DT, lets try 265lb DE and 300lb DTs. Its going to get real on that line, and the Noles are extemely deep at those positions which features murder-death-QB killer Brandon Jenkins.  The LBs are led by Nigel Bradham, but the real story is the legacy Christian Jones and his impact on the field.  The secondary is 3 CB deep with Xavier Rhodes, Greg Reid, and Mike Harris. Expect to see all three playing on Sundays.  On paper this is the best FSU team in years, now can they live up to the expectations??? We’ll find out starting September 17 once Oklahoma blows into town.

 “Next trophy will be the big one!”









2. NC State, 8-4 – Tom O’Brien is the definition of “over-achiever.” He does a lot with a little tiny bit. He did have Russell Wilson for the past three years, but that’s really it. Well over the summer Tom told Russell “you gotta go” and handed the ball over to new QB Mike Glennon. Now I believe that he does not share the same idiotic gene that his brother Sean Glennon(Va Tech) has, but………if he does well its going to be a long season out there in Raleigh.  The offensive line is key to this team’s success, and this unit can keep Glennon’s jersey clean.  LT and hometown hero Rob Crisp has the all important task of keeping Glennon alive, and the highly recruited “Big Man on Campus” can get the job done.  His mates will also open up huge holes for RB Mustafa Green to run through and eat yards against the weak defenses that are on the schedule.  Speaking of defense, the team took a big blow with the loss of DT JR Sweezy who will be out 6 weeks.  The bright side though NC State should be favored in five of the first six games(Liberty, Wake, South Alabama, at Cinn, GA Tech, Central Michigan). Tom O’Brien always fields a tough D and this year is no different with linebackers Audie Cole and Terrell Manning back to raise havoc on opposing ball carriers.  Corners CJ Wilson and David Amerson are going to be solid again this year, and head-hunter Earl Wolff will be taking care of the middle of the field.  The schedule sets up nice as only FSU is the true heavy hitter on the schedule, but road trips to Cinncy, Boston College, and UVA are very manageable.  As long as Mike Glennon did not drink out of the same straw that his brother Sean did, NC State should be in good hands.  If not, chasing Russell out of town can be a job ending move.

“Can this guy really do it??”

3. Clemson, 7-5 – Congratulations HC Dabo Swinney you just hired the guy that is going to replace you after this season, former high-powered offensive coordinator from Tulsa, Chad Morris.  Coach Swinney is the reincarnation of famed former FSU OC Jeff Bowden, an awful play-caller(see FSU game last year) who consistently fields good teams with former studs like CJ Spiller, and loses to unranked teams with zero talent on a consistent basis.  The fan base in Clemson have been calling for Dabo’s head for the past 2 years, but these top 15 recruiting classes continue to bail him out.  Until this year.  Clemson should have could have won at least the Atlantic the past two years, but…….Dabo does what Dabo wants.  Well Dabo has a new starting QB this year in Taj Boyd, and the word from Clemson’s camp is that Taj has a good grasp of the offense.  Taj doesn’t need to win the game, he just doesn’t need to do anything to lose it.  Freshman wideout Sammy Watkins though has been turning heads in camp and living up to the big-time hype he had coming out of high school.  But I expect tightend Dwayne Allen to have a BIG year as he is a match-up nightmare for opposing defenses.  Defensive Coordinator Kevin Steele has been a consistent defensive mastermind for years.  He will have his hands full this year though as the defense brings back 5 starters from last year. But big-boy DT Brandon Thompson is one of those starters and he brings his other biggum friend DE Andre Branch to help terrorize QB’s.  The linebackers are young but talented, two 5 stars in Stephone Anthony and Tony Steward show up to help out Middle linebacker Corico Hawkins help ball carriers in the mouth.  Another problem though is that secondary. Two starters do return, but CB Xavier Brewer and FS Rashard Hall are nothing to write home about.  Its going to be a long season in Clemson.  Oh well, Dabo you could always work for, well then again we might fire you as well.

“I can’t do this anymore!”

4.Boston College, 7-5 – Montel Harris is a humanoid stud who was a two-star recruit that came out of Florida. Ok were done talking about the offense cause everything else is plain, boring, vanilla, oh yeah and just bad! I mean Chase Rettig and the other quarterbacks combined to throw for 19 ints and only 13 touchdowns. If the quarterback problem is not fixed quick it could get real bad for this team which does have a great defense. HC Frank Spaziani always fields a tough, blue-collar defense with a bunch of no-name players that were over looked in high school.  Captain and MLB Luke Kuechly has a great shot at registering 200 tackles this season, he flirted with it last year with 183 tackles.  The defense always has big 300lb DT’s, and this year is no different with senior Kaleb Ramsey eyeing NFL dollars and his partner in crime 6-6 305 sophomore man-child Dillon Quinn.  Running the ball against this team will be real, real real ugly!  The pass defense will rely heavily in Max Holloway rushing the passer and CB Donnie Fletcher is a solid leader in the secondary.  But its the schedule that hurts!  BC finishes the second half of the season against six bowl teams, at Va Tech, at MD, FSU on Thurs, NC St, at ND, and at Miami.  Let the show begin!

5.Maryland, 6-6 – Ok returning quarterback Danny-boy O’Brien is the real deal. So someone explain to me who he will be throwing the ball to this year? Remember this is the University of MD and stud recruits just don’t show up at College Park like that.  If a WR does not emerge its going to be a very long season for the Terps.  Now Danny Boy has been working with his new wideouts and WR Ronny Tyler may be the one to emerge.  New HC Randy Edstall comes over from UCONN where he built a consistent overachieving winning program, yes we are still discussing football.  The defense is led by hard hitting safety/linebacker Kenny Tate who completely decapitates wideouts that float into his no-fly zone. DT Joe Vellano does his best to anchor the line up front, but unfortunately their is too little talent on this team for Randy to sprinkle some of that fairy-tale dust on this team.  Hey its College Park though MD fans, one of the wildest college-towns on the East Coast!

  “NO! This is not the                                                                                                                                                                                                              London Riots,                                                                                                                                                                                              this is College Park!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Go Terps!!!”

6.Wake, 3-9 – Cmon man I gave this team a video at the beginning of this post. Someone show me something I can write about and I’ll do it. Until then…..damn the basketball team isn’t even good anymore, and Winston-Salem sucks!


1.Va Tech, 11-1 – Ok I’m calling ONE loss, the schedule is absolutely atrocious, I’m talking cup-cake city with candles, sprinkles, and clown riding on a pony!  The first four games are: Appalachian State, at East Carolina, Arkansas St, and at Marshall without Randy Moss! Not to mention the conference play does not include Florida State, and home dates with UNC, Clemson, and possibly sanctioned Miami. The road schedule??? Welcome to Easy Street for real: Duke, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, and UVA.  HC Frank Beamer must be licking his lips at this schedule, he knew what he was doing. Now about that quarterback situation…..oh wait! According to the media Logan Thomas is the second coming of Cam Newton!!!! He’s 6-5 240lbs, has wheels, and a cannon of an arm.  Well here is one writer that is going to say WRONG, and here is why! Cam has played QB since HS, was recruited as a QB, played as QB at Fl, Blinn Junior College, and Auburn.  Logan Thomas on the other hand was recruited as a TIGHT END!! “Of course I’m working on Kevin Newsome, we need a quarterback. We don’t have anybody after Tyrod Taylor and I’m working on him. He hasn’t said too much, but he and I are pretty cool,” he said. “I’m not pushing Zack (McCray). I’m going to let him go through the process.” Logan Thomas’ quote after he committed to Va Tech in Nov 2008, he also played in the Army All-American game, as a TE! Ok, I’ll give him credit for being a team player, but could this be an experiment gone bad for Beamer?! The kid has played QB sparingly in high school which was the last time he played the position in a live situation.  So now we all can see why Beamer has this candy-land schedule of non-conference opponents.  So hopefully it builds Logan’s confidence up for conference play. The problem though is, what happens when the Hokies play a real team?? Its a very strong possibility that this team could show up at ACC title game undefeated. Its also a strong possibility that they will play Florida State which features strong, fast, and BIG defensive players that can hit!  If a team plays against soft, weak, and jelly donut eating teams, then will that same team beat a real team?? I guess we’ll find out this year as the word coming from Blacksburg is that Thomas has been hot-and-cold.  Now the rest of the offense truly relies on the emergence of runningback David Wilson who has been reportedly been an absolute terror in the Hokie scrimmages.  The knock though is that it was against the 2nd team defense.  Many of the elite programs in the nation play Ones vs Ones, Twos vs Twos, etc. Va Tech’s defense is not deep to begin with, but their is always talent though.  MLB Bruce Taylor is a wild man who racked up 91 tackles, 9.5 tackles for loss, and 6 sacks.  The secondary also has one of the top corners in the nation in Jayron Hosley who absolutely shut his side of the field down with 9 ints to go with 8 pass deflections.  Talk about an island, their was no cooking over there, receivers were put on hunger strike.  The season lines up with a cake schedule to maybe finally get into the show, but the real question is “Which team is going to show up when it matters most? The Hokies or Chokies???”


2.UNC, 9-3 – Talk about some turmoil! Butch Davis goes practically the entire summer and then BAM he gets fired! What?! Why didn’t this happen back in December??  Like July?! Right before the beginning of fall practice?? I guess the Tar Heel basketball was just way too entertaining and the administration couldn’t function. Oh well, Butch isn’t the type of Head Coach to leave his successor out to dry, just ask former Miami HC Larry Cocker(ask a Miami fan how to spell the name and they will spell it just the same). So……TJ Yates finally balled, went crazy too 3400 yards, insane for him. The defense was able to overcome all the suspensios and win 8 games, and so depth then was built for this season.  But the starters, wow! The defensive line features straight QB living nightmares in Quinton Coples and Donte Paige-Moss; two first rounders with Coples falling no lower than second! The middle is anchored by Tydreke Powell, with linebackers Zach Brown and Kevin Reddick blitzkrieging anything holding a pigskin! Butch built a nasty defensive team that may remind many of some of those old Hurricane teams he had built in the late 90s early 2000s.  If a runningback emerges, ahem Ryan Houston, then this team will be set as the new QB Bryn Renner can just play to maintain the game as the defense won’t let many teams score. 

   “Your about this close to getting us                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ALL                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        caught!”

3. We are going to keep this as blank.  I did have Miami here but because of Nevin Shapiro, who knows what is going on with this program.

“Can somebody please explain to me what just happened!?”

4.Georgia Tech, 6-6 – Ahhh the option and HC Paul Johnson.  So Paul Johnson shows up with this throwback option offense and takes the ACC by storm.  The ACC has not faced a true option since….well 93 Nebraska(Wake Forest I said real).  Now after three years the league is beginning to catch on.  No more is Coach Johnson able to just sneak up on teams with this gimmick offense that most 18 year olds have not seen.  But Josh Nesbitt has been gone, and so has Calvin Johnson and Demaryius Thomas. So meet QB Syniyn Days and RB Orin Smith, can they prove the conference wrong and continue to build a winner?! Umm no, not only that but the defense returns 7 starters, and most are awful.  If the Yellow Jackets continue this slide, Navy might have to get rid of this coach and replace him with a more “contemporary” coach.

5.UVA, 6-6 – Can this team finally get back to a bowl after 3 years of just watching other teams? I’m going to say “yes”.  This is Head Coach Mike London’s second year as the “man” at the University of Virginia, and it could be the start of something big for the Wahoos! Coach London has already brought in one top 25 class last season, and is on pace to locking up another top class this season.  Not only that but he also brings back 18 starters from last year’s team which should improve on that 4-8 season.  The defense is led by Cam Johnson who has NFL written all over himself, and the offense has a huge road grader in Morgan Moses who has been a stud since his high school days in Virginia.  It looks as if Coach London already has the Richmond area locked up as far as recruiting goes as he was the former HC of the Richmond Spiders and has a long history in working with the city’s youth.  If he can continue to poach recruits from the Hokies then we could begin to witness the resurrection of UVA football, something we haven’t seen since the days of George Welsh.

“The good ole days of WAHOOOOO!”

6.Duke, 3-9 – David Cutliffe is one heck of a coach and has his best team since he has been at Duke.  But we are still talking about Duke. The fans here are just waiting for basketball season, as football season is just something they watch to make drinking games out of.  But as far as basketball goes, Austin Rivers is a ball hog and UNC will own this team, again.

 “These kids’ parents pay over 10 grand for them to sleep in the dorms, money well spent indeed!”

OPOY – Montel Harris

DPOY – Quinton Coples

Recruiting: Florida State

Jimbo and staff went out and brought to Tally arguably the #1 class in the nation.  A class that features studs like Karlos Williams, a 6-2 230lb safety that boasts a 4.4 forty. Another five star player in James Wilder Jr who will suit up at running back, were talking a 6-2 225lb back who also has a 4.4 forty! Juco transfers Tank Carridine will play DE and Jacob Fahrenkrug, C, were both the number 1 and 2 Juco prospects overall.  Hybrid TE Nick O’Leary has been a weapon at practice as EJ Manuel has been gushing all over about him, but the real talk is big boy Timmy Jernigan who shows up at Tally a legit 6-2 300lbs of solid muscle.  The future looks really bright at Tallahassee, just ask Florida Commit AC Leonard who saw nothing but stars after a close-encounter with Karlos Williams.

  1. Shyrra Banks says:

    Thats so messed up how you did Wake Forest!!!! And BTW, the guy over at Sports Illustrated seems to think they should change the name from the ACC conference to the Virginia Tech Conference….OUCH! What say you, you Die hard FSU fan?

  2. Noles suck says:

    Florida St couldn’t go 11-1 in a wet dream

  3. Noles suck says:

    Tyrod Taylor was better than all those Tidewater QB’s combined except for Michael Vick. EJ manuel is terrible and has never seen an interception he didn’t like

  4. noles ruLe says:

    EJ Manuel has only thown 2 ints and has 2 bowl victories to match those ints!

  5. Neo-Theone says:

    As far as the ACC goes after I say Florida state , do I really need to comment. I am a FSU fan but not a Big EJ fan. To me the jury is still out on him. The pieces are in place for us to
    Finish in the top 10, but it rest on EJ’s shoulders and legs let’s not get it confused

    • Its reported that EJ is getting there as a passer, but expect a whole bunch of zone-read plays like Mike Vick and Cam Newton. EJ is going to be a problem, 6-5 240 and a high 4.5 forty equals a problem. He is bigger than many college linebackers.

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