Dr. King Memorial receives $1M from NFL

Posted: August 26, 2011 in NFL

Congress passed a joint  resolution in 1996 authorizing the construction of the Martin Luther King Monument. A foundation was organized and put in place to raise $120M for the project.  It is the first major memorial dedicated to an African-American, and to a non-president. The dedication was scheduled for this Sunday Aug. 28th, which is the 48th anniversary of Kings “I Have a Dream”  speech.

It has been announced this morning that the NFL will be donating $1M to help the foundation meet its fundraising goal. NFL commission Roger Goodell says

We in the NFL believe that professional football is the ultimate meritocracy. NFL players are measured strictly by their performance on the field regardless of race, religion or economic background. In the spirit of Dr. King, we work vigorously to maintain an inclusive environment where everyone can reach their fullest potential. We are proud to have our name associated with Dr. King.

The unveiling of this amazing, historical event has been postponed because of Hurricane Irene, and a new date will be announced as soon as possible.  Otherwise though this event has been long overdue, and the statue will be something cherished by future generations around the world.  Thank you Dr. King!

Source: About.com ESPN

  1. Shyrra Banks says:

    The MLK monument looks amazing. The people on the ESPN site were WILDING!

  2. Stacey Rose says:

    I hate it. It really bugs me that his posture is so defensive, maybe even a twinge of hostility. I don’t really think it conveys the sentiment of non-violence associated. . .but that’s just me. I still think it is awesome that they built it and that the NFL opted to be a part of it!

  3. I think its cool, his posture says “I mean business and we are not leaving!” Its cool that the NFL donated a million, but what about the NBA?! Almost the whole entire league is Black, they could have donated something!

  4. Neo-Theone says:

    I think his posture is distinguished, and stating “I am here,let me change that, WE are here. Our voices will be heard. The NFL chipping in well , my views on Roger “I need money from my players ” Godell is another story ….

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