Pay Chris Johnson?! Not $15 million, not ever!

Posted: August 29, 2011 in NFL

The Tennessee Titans camp is DONE, and Chris Johnson did not take part in any of it.  Why? Chris Johnson is holding-out because he wants to get PAID! Hey its America and everyone has the right to do and ask for whatever they want.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get it.  Chris Johnson wants to be paid $30 million guaranteed, and is looking at receiving $15-20 million a season. Nope, that’s elite QB money right there.  Last checked Chris Johnson does not call any audibles, does not read defenses before the snap to make adjustments and call a new play, and he does not even have the green sticker on his helmet which means he is talking to the coach before every play.  If the position calls for all of that, and the player is amazing at it, then he gets paid $15-20 million a year.  Peyton Manning and Tom Brady command those types of numbers, and h

ave single-handily won Super Bowls for their franchise, without an elite running back.  Larry Fitzgerald is an elite wide receiver who recently signed a deal paying him $15 million a season.  Fitz is an elite wideout that does warrant that type of money.  Wide receivers have to also make adjustments, during the play.  They have to know whether they are going to break off a route and sit in a zone, or continue the designed route that may take them across the middle of the field where an 250-260lb middle linebacker is waiting to kill him, or if a 220lb safety is plotting to take the head right off a defenseless receiver.  If the WR can take that type of punishment, still make the catch, and make yards afterwards by bouncing off tacklers, then pay him.  But only if he is elite, which means he consistently makes that catch!  Chris Johnson is an elite runningback, unfortunately his position does not warrant $15-20 million dollars a year.  Chris does not make any yards if his line cannot block for him.  The same cannot be said about a QB because Ben Roethlisberger won a Super Bowl, and made it to the Super Bowl with one of the worst lines in the league.  Chris Johnson does not make adjustments during a play, unless he cuts back which can result into a loss of yards, which Chris does regularly.  Chris Johnson is only supposed to run, run to the hole or opening and make a play.  That’s worth $10-13 million if the back is elite.  Adrian Peterson of the Vikings is regarded as the best running back i
n the NFL, he gets $10 million.  The Titans have reportedly offered Chris Johnoson $10-13 million, he has continued to say “no” and has not participate in any pre-season meetings, practices, or games.  The Titans have asked Chris to report to camp so they can work out a deal, and he does not even have to practice.  They just want him there for the meetings so he can be mentally prepared for the season.  Chris is in Orlando where it is reported that he is working out, by himself.  We have seen this story before, elite player holds out, contract gets settled, player returns to practice, and blows his knee.  Just ask Michael Turner about “holding-out.”


  1. Noles suck says:

    Chris Johnson needs that money to pay for some teeth

  2. Shyrra Banks says:

    He needs that money for alot more than teeth, but too bad money can’t buy class. His ass needs to be back at the facilities…ASAP.

  3. Man that is Florida boys for you, ain’t that stuff cool to have jacked up teeth?!

  4. Shyrra Banks says:

    Nah, you mixed up a Florida boy and a Goon. All the Florida boys I know have big beautiful smiles. That messed up grill stuff would take away the effect.

  5. Neo-Theone says:

    Nah …. He need that money because ” you know I does my thang on da field so I’m like you should pay ya boi, I need that cash Bruh Bruh ” lol … Straight from chris Johnson month ….

  6. Neo-Theone says:

    Pay da kid

  7. He should get 10 million, that’s fair. Not 20, he’s going to miss the season. I’m drafting him for fantasy football.

  8. Neo-Theone says:

    He got what he deserved after putting the work… I wouldn’t draft him for anything in the world. Football is not a sport to jump in and out of. And at the position that involves te most contact. Nope wouldn’t do for all the water in the sea…

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