So what if Mike Vick was white???

Posted: August 29, 2011 in NFL
              On August 25th, ESPN the Magazine released an article named What if Mike Vick was White? Thank you ESPN for answering this question for me; NOT!  This article is disgusting and shameful, not only because of the racist undertones, but also for the ridiculous hypothetical question.  Someone might as well write an article entitled “What if Casey Anthony was Black?”  Mike Vick broke the law, period.  Some may view it a heinous crime, others may not, but the bottom line is that he broke the law and served his time.  Vick has now resurrected his professional career and is even better than before he was imprisoned; a better football player and a better human-being.  He has dropped the leaches that were pulling him down, and been on the up and up ever since.
           Still it does pose the question, “what if Mike Vick was white?”  Would Mike Vick have been hammered as hard by Virginia’s Justice System?  Would PETA have been all over him the way they were? Well to answer that question, people should just look at Ben Roethlisberger.  He “allegedly” raped a woman in 2010, but was not charged at all. What makes the case even more interesting is that the DA received a letter from the victim stating that she no longer wanted to pursue criminal charges, but never recanted her accusation.  Not to mention that the officer, Sgt Jerry Blash resigned after the case was closed!  Really, it seems that the Milledgeville, Georgia police station just did everything in their power to cover this whole Big Ben issue up, kind of like what Harrah’s Lake Tahoe did for Roethlisberger in 2008. Yes folks he had two allegations against him.  So, where was the Justice System then? Did it go on vacation these two instances?  CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX News, and ESPN covered the Mike Vick case like he just killed 30 people, but it was just dogs.  Does society place killing dogs over raping women? Or is it just a Black/White thing?  Maybe. Maybe not.  
            Since the days of slavery to Jim Crow (yes Jimmy lived in the north as well), their has always been a double-standard between Blacks and Whites. There was a study done in 2003:  “Are Emily and Brendan More Employable than Lakisha and Jamal?” by Marianne Bertrand and Sendhil Mullainathan.  The two individuals took 5,000 resumes with Black-sounding names and White-sounding names and applied to over 1,300 jobs.  The white sounding names received 50 percent more call backs.  Ladies and Gentleman, double-standards do exist and are alive and well.  Mike Vick was the victim of the double-standard.  (Oh wait, I’m not supposed to write that, damn now Bill O’Reilly is going to hit me with the “Black Card”.  I better bring my mom to the interview!) What he did may have been wrong, but worst has been done. Vick has been bashed in almost every city he has been in because of what he did, even though he owned up to his mistakes. In the end it was dogs, I love dogs as well, but not enough to ruin someone’s life over it.
      Lets go Vick, win the Super Bowl, and for every one else, Vick’s case proved that the double-standard, reverse racism, (whatever!) is alive and well.  Did that answer the question?!

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  1. Solo says:

    He would still be fighting dogs. Look how they love Tebow and he not even good. Any white hype QB and they jump all over it. What you need to ask is what if tebow was black. He would of never got drafted….

    • Not anymore, that was college. They have been ripping Teabow lately cause he is a Christian. One writer said that he is using that to become the starting QB, that God is going to just give him the spot. The writer was a jerk, even though Teabow sucks he still practices hard and is trying to learn. I for one think he should play Fullback in the NFL, he is tough and can lay a block. Broncos should put him on the field and get their money’s worth.

      • Neo-Theone says:

        They have been on him a little more lately. Tht is wrong to Rip a mans religious stature. I feel they could use him in packages but full tine blocker , you have to be more than tough. Remember your talking about people on the highest level that have been doing it since berth. I don’t care what size you are going from taking a snap every play to banging heads and shoulders everyplay. I just don’t know. I don’t think this is what Josh Mcdaniels had in mind last year when he drafted him. I do think tebow is a hard worker but eventually , you have to have the talent to play the position.

      • Exactly, if he is getting first round money put him on the field cause he will never be the starting QB. He just has to learn the position, not too hard, bang someone out for the running back. Also could be used in the wild cat. This was always going to be a bust, remember the jump ball pass. Cmon thats a career highlight throw?!

      • Neo-Theone says:

        I will agree !!!! The jump ball pass !!!! The absolute worse !!!!! LMAO

  2. D says:

    All I know is Tebow use to do fsu in…….

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