Official Talk NFL Predictions

Posted: September 7, 2011 in NFL
Official Talk Player Predictions
Award Ty Ruben Kevin Alex
Breakout Player Matthew Stafford, QB, DET Matthew Stafford, QB, DET Felix Jones, RB, DAL Kenny Britt, WR, TEN
MVP Aaron Rodgers, QB, GB Aaron Rodgers, QB, GB Michael Vick, QB, PHI Aaron Rodgers, QB, GB
Offensive Player of the Year Calvin Johnson, WR, DET Drew Brees, QB, NO Adrian Peterson, RB, MIN Phillip Rivers, QB, SD
Defensive Player of the Year Ndamukong Suh, DT, DET Jerod Mayo, LB, NE Ndamukong Suh, DT, DET Brian Urlacher, LB, CHI
Offensive Rookie of the Year Mark Ingram, RB, NO Julio Jones, WR, ATL Cam Newton, QB, CAR Tyron Smith, OT, DAL
Defensive Rookie of the Year Von Miller, LB, DEN Von Miller, LB, DEN Von Miller, LB, DEN Von Miller, LB, DEN
Coach of the Year Gary Kubiak, HOU Jim Schwartz, DET Gary Kubiak, HOU Jason Garrett, DAL
Official Talk Playoff Predictions
Playoffs Ty Ruben Kevin Alex
AFC East Champ New York Jets New England Patriots New York Jets New York Jets
AFC North Champ Baltimore Ravens Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers
AFC South Champ Houston Texans Houston Texans Houston Texans Indianapolis Colts
AFC West Champ San Diego Chargers San Diego Chargers San Diego Chargers San Diego Chargers
AFC Wildcard Teams Patriots and Steelers Jets and Ravens Patriots and Ravens Ravens and Texans
NFC East Champ Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia Eagles
NFC North Champ Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers
NFC South Champ New Orleans Saints New Orleans Saints Atlanta Falcons New Orleans Saints
NFC West Champ Arizona Cardinals St. Louis Rams Arizona Cardinals Seattle Seahawks
NFC Wildcard Teams Falcons and Lions Falcons and Lions Lions and Buccaneers Cowboys and Bears
AFC Championship Game Jets over Chargers Patriots over Steelers Chargers over Texans Chargers over Steelers
NFC Championship Game Packers over Eagles Packers over Saints Eagles over Falcons Packers over Eagles
Super Bowl XLVI Packers over Jets Packers over Patriots Eagles over Chargers Packers over Chargers
  1. Noles suck says:

    Kenny Britt might be best WR in the league by the end of the season

  2. Rick says:

    Kenny Britt will put up Derrick Mason type numbers. Beanie Wells will be the breakout player

    • Kenny Britt will have a good season, the jury is still out on Beans

      • Ty says:

        Beans would of been my pick if not for Matthew Stafford. Beans is going to help me win 2 fantasy leagues this year with his 1250 and 8 to 10 TDS. Kenny Britt is a good player with a washed up QB.

      • Neo-Theone says:

        Beanie , considering his conference but … I don’t think that line will keep him healthy…. Don’t think he his made for the whole season sorry … Beanie out by week 10 …

  3. Ruben says:

    Beanie will flop…Dez Bryant was my 1b choice to have a big year

  4. Noles suck says:

    So much Kenny Britt putting Derrick Mason type numbers. Kenny Britt for prez in 2012…we’re talking 24/7 open bar!

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