Ugliest Uniform’s Ever??? I think so!

Posted: September 7, 2011 in COLLEGE FOOTBALL

"Wow, coach didn't show me this on the recruiting visit!?"

On Monday night the University of Md unveiled the ugliest uniforms ever in college football history!  This monstrosity of different colors was so awful that it blinded their opponent, the Miami Hurricanes, for much of the game as the Terps won 32-24.  The talk of the game was not how the Terps beat the Hurricanes who were missing a boat load of starters cause of the Nevin Shapiro bonus to a Miami athletic football scholarship.  It was the awful jerseys that the Terps wore during the game!  Who ever came up with the design, style, and audacity to even create this type of jersey, should have resigned the moment the jerseys were printed.  Really has anyone seen a worst jersey??  If so please comment below!

  1. Neo-Theone says:

    I actually love the jersey , one of the hottest Ive seen. With the flag in it and the shoes , gloves . Shit I thought my man from under armor looked out for the Terps….

  2. Neo-Theone says:

    The designer is under armor , he is thhe founder and graduated from MD …. He is trying to treat them like Nike does Oregan … But maybe it’s because I’m not from there I like it….

  3. D says:

    the ugliest jersey ever def has to be from fsu

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