Who blows $55M?

Posted: September 16, 2011 in COLLEGE FOOTBALL


Chris McAlister

Chris McAlister

   According to TMZ, McAlister is now living at home with his parents getting financial assistance from them. He says:

I live in my parent’s home. My parents provide me with my basic living expenses as I do not have the funds to do so.

Now,  in this economy it may sound like just another person hit by the recession.  The twist to this story is that Chris was drafted in the first round of the 1999 NFL. You know first rounders demand top dollar, and he did to the tune of $55 million, and went on to play for 10 years, achieving  pro bowl honors, and part of the 2001 Super bowl winning Ravens squad.

McAlisters financials are now in the media because he is attempting to lower his monthly child support payments of $11,000 PER MONTH to his ex wife.  His complaint is that since he has been unemployed since 2009…He has no income…which led to him living off of his parents…after blowing $55M+…

Now I can see just not wanting to pay $11,000 a month, but living with your parents and depending on them for basic living expenses…

Souce: TMZ

  1. Shyrra Banks says:

    This guy has all kinds of problems. this is the same guy that divorced this lady because she wouldn’t have an abortion. He has all kinds of issues. I know you shouldn’t need to wear a condom with your wife, but he could have avoided all this craziness if he bought him a pack of condoms and kept it moving.

  2. Neo-Theone says:

    He is a chump ….

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