As the Dominoes fall in College Football……

Posted: September 17, 2011 in COLLEGE FOOTBALL

NCAA Landscape Changes Taking Place

With the University of Pittsburgh and Syracuse University announcing that they are applying for entry into the ACC the second major domino has fell in college football.  Let the reshuffling begin!! All week their has been speculation of Oklahoma joining the Pac 12, and Texas either joining the Pac 12, ACC, or going independent.  The ACC though made the big grab which benefits…  Without any disrespect to Syracuse and Pittsburgh football, those programs suck.  Now in basketball Pitt and Syracuse help the ACC tremendously! Syracuse and Pittsburgh basketball programs are both elite, as Syracuse won the national title in 2003, Pittsburgh naturally chokes up in the tournament both during the regular season they are a force.  Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim is a hall of fame coach who joins a conference which already features future hall of famers Roy Williams from UNC and Coach K from Duke.  With the additions of Syracuse and Pittsburgh the ACC would feature 4 teams that have property in the land of top 10 teams in the nation.  The two additions don’t really offer much in football though. Pittsburgh is a “ehhh” program, they did win the Big East last year, but only won 8 games in the process.  Syracuse has improved some, but their recruiting needs to step up tremendously if they are going to be contending for an ACC division crown.  In the ACC they are rarely going to challenge ACC powers VA Tech and FSU, Pitt will be one of those second to fourth place teams in either division of the ACC.  Syracuse will contend with Duke and Wake Forest for the bottom of the basement.  The Big East rules state that a team must give the conference 27 months notice that it is leaving the conference, so the change would not take place for another two years.  Two teams that have been rumored to joining the Big East are Baylor and Iowa State who are looking for a home once the Big 12 falls apart.  It seems that the Big East is becoming the scrape heap of mid-tier teams of college football.  The Big East features West Virginia and South Florida, two good programs that will never contend for a national title.  If the Big East wants to keep that BCS money they are receiving, its going to need West Virginia and South Florida step its game up ASAP.  TCU also joins the Big East next year and are an up-and-coming big time program and should dominate the conference from the word “go.”  Can they make some noise on the national level? Check out what TCU did to Wisconsin last year in the Rose Bowl and afterwards the answer will by “yes.”

"Future Conference Game??!

The real question though is, “Will Florida State leave the ACC for the SEC?”  FSU is a football school period.  The ACC is trying to desperately save the conference when it comes to football and with the addition of Texas(speculation) its will become both a football and basketball conference.  The ACC Presidents unanimously voted that the buyout for a team to leave the conference be increased from $13 million to $20 million, making it a lot harder for a team to leave.  The Big East buyout is currently at $5 million making it a lot easier to leave the conference.  Florida State may have to stay with a buyout that large, although for the right price anything is possible.  Other teams that are speculated in leaving: Missouri to the Big 10 or Big East, Oklahoma St to the Pac 12, Texas Tech to the Pac 12, West Virginia to the Big 10 or ACC, Rutgers to the ACC. So who is next???


"Woo! Shoooot I I got sum optioms!"


  1. Shyrra Banks says:

    Um, yeah thats alot. When the whole thing gets sorted out can you make a simple post like “New ACC: A, B, C, D..ect” I don’t want to read a bunch of stuff but I gotta know whos in my conference. Thanks. 🙂

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