Money doesn’t do CHEAP!

Posted: September 19, 2011 in COLLEGE FOOTBALL

"Even with his eyes on Floyd, Ortiz still couldn't stop his punch!"

The mega-fight on September 17 between Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Victor Ortiz has came and went.  The result? A typical Floyd Mayweather beat down with a very entertaining exchange between Mayweather and HBO career-long analyst the 80 year-old Larry Merchant.  Mayweather knocked out Ortiz in the fourth round after the two exchanged hugs over the intentional headbutt that Ortiz used on Mayweather.  The first three rounds were typical Mayweather rounds; counter-punching everything Ortiz threw and landing clean right hands to Ortiz jaw.  It was getting to the point where Ortiz was not really sure if he was  fighting a man, or a ghost, with punches hitting Ortiz from all angles.  Mayweather at one time actually put his left hand on Ortiz head and hit Ortiz with a clean right hand in the third round.  In the fourth round Ortiz tried the usual strategy that former Mayweather opponents have tried to use in the past, which is to bully Floyd, rough him up and mug him in the ring.  Ortiz began to use this strategy in the fourth, “trying” to mug Mayweather and force him on the ropes.  Ortiz forced Mayweather on the ropes and began to swing wildly at Mayweather with most of his punches going “wide left” and “wide right.”  Frustrated with his inability to hit Mayweather, Ortiz launched his head forward into Mayweather’s jaw.  Which was Ortiz first mistake. The referee Joe Cortez immediately stopped the fight and docked a point away from Ortiz.  Ortiz, seeming very apologetic, until he “kissed” Mayweather on the cheek and said “sorry.” Second mistake because now you are making fun of Floyd, it seemed as if Ortiz was trying to make Floyd feel inferior by kissing him on his cheek.  Remember their is a fight going on?!  Kissing Floyd and then laughing about the whole thing was also very disrespectful because this was not a “incidental” headbutt, Ortiz intentionally headbutted Floyd.

"And Floyd is the dirty fighter?!"

What occurred next to Ortiz, he deserved.  After the referee Cortez docked a point away from Ortiz cause of the headbutt, he brought the two fighters together and stepped away, which prompted Ortiz to want to hug Floyd, again!  This had to be the third time that Ortiz apologized and hugged Mayweather, how many times does he need to apologize? Its over lets move on.  What Ortiz did next was something that boxing coaches teach early in the sport, “never take your eyes off your opponent!” In the beginning of the fight the referee also explains to both boxers that they must “protect yourself at all times.”  Ortiz though took his eyes off Floyd after the break and looked at the ref as if the ref was supposed to say something.

"I'm over here"


Floyd took advantage of a situation.  A situation many of us would do after being disrespected in front of millions of viewers around the world.  With Ortiz looking at the ref, Floyd threw a left hook, followed by a straight right which knocked Ortiz onto the floor unable to get up before the ref’s 10-count expired.

Many boxing fans are split by the end result last night.  Many fans claim that Floyd is “dirty” because he hit Ortiz when Ortiz was not looking.  Many other boxing fans see the ending justified with the ref’s directions of “protect yourself at all times”, which Joe Cortez himself explained that the punch was legal.  In the end its just fans that hate Mayweather and will never give Money the respect he earned and deserved.  Saturday night Floyd fought a fighter that out weighed him by 14 pounds and Floyd handled him easily.  Ortiz was the idiot.  If Ortiz never headbutted Mayweather, Ortiz would have never been in a position to get “clocked,” intentionally, by Mayweather.  Ortiz was the idiot that took his eyes off of Mayweather to begin with!  The Ortiz camp claimed Mayweather was a dirty fighter, so wouldn’t the smart thing for Ortiz to do is “pay attention to Mayweather, who you are fighting, and not the ref!?” Ortiz tried to blame everyone but himself after the fight. It was Ortiz fault, and he needs to man up.  Hopefully a rematch will not be structured and the next fight Mayweather has is against Manny Pacquiao.  Or maybe a fight against Larry Merchant who told Mayweather at the end of the fight “if I was 50 years younger I would kick your ass!”  Sure Larry, PPV anyone?!!


"Get at me Larry!"

  1. Noles suck says:

    Ortiz kept hugging because he was going to try and sucker punch Mayweather…bet that. And Ortiz is a bum who got knocked out by some no name a few years back which cost me some change

  2. I don’t know why the public is saying that Mayweather is dirty for what he did, but Ortiz headbutting Floyd is just what? Part of the sport?!! Now Manny is even saying something about it, how about Manny take the blood test so we can get the real fight. Or is Manny hiding something???

  3. Ty says:

    Floyd Mayweather fought a guy who admitted he had no heart on national tv lol. Bambaclot ass clown but the fools love him

  4. Rick Rickerson sonning niggs since 1981 says:

    lmao get the respect he deserves? For what beating guys not in his weight class or people who admit they have no heart? What kind of dog and pony show is this article? Next thing ill see is this fool saying Tim Tebow is the next John Elway smh. You should of auditioned to play one of the apes in Rise of The Planet of The Apes.

  5. Ty says:

    I agree with Rick Rickerson

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