Money, Mergers, and Texas

Posted: September 20, 2011 in COLLEGE FOOTBALL

"Conference breakdown??!!"

On September 17th it was announced that Pittsburgh and Syracuse would be bolting the Big East for the ACC.  Texas A&M has already announced that they are leaving the Big 12 for the SEC, now the college football world waits for Texas to make a decision.  The “Texas decision” has the teams in the rest of the Big 12 flying a holding pattern right now.  Oklahoma is almost ready to bolt for the Pac 12, and Oklahoma State is going along for the ride.  Texas Tech would like to join those two for the Pac 12 party but it will only be invited if Texas answers their invitation.  Texas is still mulling over their options which are: remain in the Big 12 which would keep the other three schools from bolting, leave to the ACC which would further improve that conference in both football and basketball, or go independent and live off the 20 year $300 million deal that ESPN paid for the Longhorn network.  Talk about options!? With Texas on the fence where do the remaining Big 12 schools land?  With the ACC upping their exit buyout fee to $20 million from $10-13 million last week, Florida State or any ACC school for that matter, does not look like a candidate for the SEC’s 14th team slot.  Missouri though does!  Missouri which has been rumored for years that it would defect from the Big 12 for the Big 10 seems to be the best candidate at the moment for the illustrious SEC.  A move to the SEC would mean a move that would earn Missouri over $18 million in the SEC’s television deal alone.  Which would be a pretty nice size pay increase. Currently the Big 12 teams make between $9-11 million each school.  How about the remaining Big 12 schools?

"Future looks very BLEAK!"

Their have been talks recently of a Big 12/Big East merger which could possibly save those large checks that the BCS hands out at the end of their bowl games.  Kansas, Kansas State, Baylor, and Iowa State all will have to leave the Big 12 to join the Big East football schools.  TCU also joins the conference next year as well, making the conference a little better than what it seems on paper.  TCU did beat Wisconsin last year.  What little fanfare the Big12/Big East merger would create for football, basketball season will be buzzing! Kansas, Baylor, and Kansas State all playing Georgetown, Villanova, Notre Dame, and Louisville!  Now that is a powerful basketball conference!  The ACC though has two more things in mind as well, and that is UCONN and Rutgers.

"Move!!! The bank stole some new teams!"

The current Big East football champion UCONN Huskies and the university of Rutgers are rumored to be defecting from the Big East to join the ACC.  While the move does absolutely nothing for the ACC in regards to football, basketball just became a whole lot more interesting in the ACC.  The ACC has always been known for great basketball, but recently it seems as if the conference is only top heavy.  UNC and Duke always field a great team, Florida State has been solid recently, and Maryland, Clemson, and North Carolina State will pop up on the national radar from time to time.  Pittsburgh and Syracuse have been added to the ACC recently, and with the addition of UCONN(Rutgers is just trash in basketball) the ACC will have the past three national champions in their conference.  Now that’s a party! Syracuse vs UNC, Coach K vs Jim Calhoun! The ACC will be full of story lines once the merger is finalized! But, for the Big East/Big 12 merger to happen, Texas needs to make a final decision.  If Texas does not make a move, nothing moves.  The future of college football landscape is all in the hands of Texas!


"Looks like we got some decisions to make!"

  1. Ty says:

    UVA will own all those teams in basketball after Tony Bennett finishes building the dynasty

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