Ty’s 2011-12 NBA Predictions

Posted: December 23, 2011 in NBA

I’d like to thank the greedy NBA players and owners for coming to this agreement because a spring without the NBA playoffs may of been depressing.

On with the show!!!

Award Predictions:

Most Improved Player: James Anderson, G/F, San Antonio

I would not be surprised if Evan Turner wins this award.

6th Man:  James Harden, G, Oklahoma City

Big game James will be ready to play as usual and continue to embrace his bench role.

Rookie of The Year:  Kyrie Irving, G, Cleveland

Horrible rookie class this year but Irving will win ROY over Kemba Walker in the end.

Defensive Player:  Dwight Howard, C, Orlando (For Now)

I do not think he finishes the season in Orlando but he will be the best interior defender in the NBA regardless of where he plays.

Coach:  Vinny Del Negro,  Los Angeles Clippers

You have to be a tard to mess up the CP3/Blake Griffin duo

MVP:  Kevin Durant, F, Oklahoma City

It will be Kevin Durant’s NBA this year and we will just watch him own it.

Eastern Conference Order of Finish Predictions

(*) Division Winner

  1. *Miami Heat      Will LeBron stop choking?

    These jokes "should" end this June but we will see

  2. *Chicago Bulls   Richard Hamilton will help at the 2 guard but Boozer stinks.
  3. *NY Knicks   Tyson Chandler was a huge addition that will improve the defense.  If  B Diddy still has anything left then the Knicks can make a deep playoff run.
  4. Boston Celtics   This team is old as dirt and the music stops this year.
  5. Orlando Magic  Hopefully they get a good deal for Dwight Howard.
  6. Atlanta Hawks  Team will miss Crawford but Smitty needs to step up on offense.
  7. Indiana Pacers   David West was a nice addition to and already decent front line.
  8. Philly 76ers   The 76ers sneak in and get the last playoff spot.
  9. Milwaukee Bucks  It would not surprise me to see the Bucks get in with Stephen Jackson on the team now.
  10. Washington Wizards  John Wall will take it to the next level this season but the rest of the team needs to become better passers.
  11. New Jersey Nets  If the don’t resign Deron Williams then the move to Brooklyn will be a dud.
  12. Detroit Pistons  Joe Dumars used to be the man at GM but now he is epic failing by signing Charlie Villenueva type players to overpaid contracts.
  13. Toronto Raptors  Contraction?
  14. Cleveland Cavaliers  Kyrie Irving will gun at will to win ROY easily.
  15. Charlotte Bobcats  0-66?  Lol impossible but this will be a pathetic basketball team at best.

Eastern Conference Finals:  Miami Heat over the Chicago Bulls in six games.

Western Conference Order of Finish Predictions

  1. *Oklahoma City Thunder   If Westbrook can pass to Durant then a championship will be won in June.
  2. *L.A. Clippers  The CP3 and Blake show will be must see TV this season.
  3. L.A. Lakers  Team is aging and Mike Brown has not been the greatest NBA head coach but he knows how to coach elite defense.
  4. *Memphis Grizzlies  Lionel Hollins has a squad here in Memphis.  Zach Randolph is a boss on and off the court.
  5. Dallas Mavericks   Defending champs will miss Chandler and Barea.  Vince Carter is soft as a Downy pillow.
  6. Portland Trail Blazers   No longer known as the Jail Blazers.   Wes Matthews, Crawford and Aldridge can take this team to the conference finals.
  7. San Antonio Spurs   This will probably be the last year of Duncan, Manu and Parker.   They need to get younger.
  8. Denver Nuggets   Ronnie Brewer will help on defense.  Aron Affalo is underrated and Nene will continue to get it done on defense.
  9. Houston Rockets  If they would of allowed the first CP3 trade then the Rockets would of been a 5 seed.
  10. Utah Jazz   Derrick Favors and Gordon Haywood’s development will be the difference between playoffs and no playoffs.
  11. Golden State Warriors   Mark Jackson will have success here but not this season.  They need to trade Monta Ellis to free up Curry.
  12. Minnesota T-Wolves  Time to see if Ricky Rubio is all hype.
  13. New Orleans Hornets  Team has some talent with Gordon and Landry but it will have bad chemistry due to lockout ball.
  14. Sacramento Kings  DeMarcus Cousins could be the real deal if he can get his head right.
  15. Phoenix Suns  Epic Fail

Western Conference Finals:  Oklahoma City Thunder over the Los Angeles Lakers in six games.

2012 NBA Finals Winner: 

LeBron saw a sports psychiatrist during the lockout to get over the choking

Miami Heat over the Oklahoma City Thunder in seven games.   The Finals should be great with Durant vs the South Beach Big 3 but with another year together the Heat should be nearly unstoppable this season.

  1. Zach Randolph is a boss off the court! He has been official, this year him and Rudy Gay are going to give OKC a run.

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