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Guess who came out the Closet?!

Posted: September 2, 2011 in Boxing

"With or without the gloves!?"

After years, and I mean years! of speculation the man named the “Golden Boy” has finally admitted to the cross-dressing photos that circulated around the web a couple years ago.  Oscar De La Hoya admitted to the photos during his interview with Univision. “Let me tell you, yes it was me, I’m tired of lying, lying to people, lying to myself.”  The photos were taken in 2007 with super model Milana Dravnel.  Milana and Oscar must have had a bet to see who looks better in fishnet stockings, and the public is still searching for Milana’s pictures in the same stockings!

"Oh wait, the pictures have been found! Milana won!"

Well Oscar, many around the boxing ring never believed you in the first place, and if you want to dress in women’s clothes than that’s your thing, and a bet is a bet.  But the public has already deemed you soft since you ducked Felix Trinidad in the 1999 rematch for Sugar Shane Mosley and lost that fight as well.  Then loss to Sugar again in the rematch! The public should not judge, but will anyways.  Its shameful that the overrated champion is now in the public news again for something that completely embarrasses his family and friends.  The healing process?  Oscar reveals that he has had a alcohol and cocaine addiction for years.  But has been clean for three months??  That’s not an achievement Oscar, try a year, or two, or even 10 years now that is an achievement!  That is something worth having an interview with Univision about! In fact how about getting Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquio in the ring instead of asking for public pity.  Ok that one really can’t be blamed on Oscar, the public can blame Bob Arum and Manny “I don’t want to take a blood test” Pacquio.  (Yes Floyd haters he can receive some blame as well, but can we get a blood test please. $25 million on the line!)  Oscar best of luck to get clean, but do your job, or model for Victoria’s Secret.  In fact disregard that one, leave that for Milana.  Healing process though??  Cop-out and a joke!