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Ty’s 2012-13 NFL Predictions

Posted: September 3, 2012 in NFL

It is that time of year again. Lets go.

Award predictions

NFL MVP: Tom Brady, QB, New England
Offensive Player of The Year: Arian Foster, RB, Houston
Defensive Player of The Year: Patrick Willis, LB, San Francisco
Offensive Rookie of The Year: Doug Martin, RB, Tampa Bay
Defensive Rookie of The Year: Chandler Jones, DE/LB, New England
Coach of The Year: Ron Rivera, Carolina

Breakout Player: Fred Davis, TE, Washington
Flop Player: Michael Turner, RB, Atlanta

Predicted order of finish in each division
* Wildcard team

1. New England Patriots
2. Buffalo Bills
3. New York Jets
4. Miami Dolphins

1. Pittsburgh Steelers
2. *Baltimore Ravens
3. Cincinnati Bengals
4. Cleveland Browns

1. Houston Texans
2. Tennessee Titans
3. Indianapolis Colts
4. Jacksonville Jaguars

1. Kansas City Chiefs
2. *Denver Broncos
3. San Diego Chargers
4. Oakland Raiders

AFC Playoff Predictions

Wildcard Round
(6) Denver Broncos over (3) Pittsburgh Steelers
(5) Baltimore Ravens over (4) Kansas City Chiefs

Divisional Round
(1) New England Patriots over (6) Denver Broncos
(2) Houston Texans over (4) Baltimore Ravens

AFC Championship
(2) Houston Texans over (1) New England Patriots

1. Philadelphia Eagles
2. New York Giants
3. Dallas Cowboys
4. Washington Redskins

1. Green Bay Packers
2. *Chicago Bears
3. Detroit Lions
4. Minnesota Vikings

1. Atlanta Falcons
2. *Carolina Panthers
3. New Orleans Saints
4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

1. San Francisco 49ers
2. St. Louis Rams
3. Seattle Seahawks
4. Arizona Cardinals

NFC Playoff Predictions

Wildcard Round
(3) Atlanta Falcons over (6) Carolina Panthers
(4) San Francisco 49ers over (5) Chicago Bears

Divisional Round
(1) Green Bay Packers over (4) San Francisco 49ers
(2) Philadelphia Eagles over (3) Atlanta Falcons

NFC Championship
(2) Philadelphia Eagles over (1) Green Bay Packers

Super Bowl XLVII Winner

Reid will finally win the Super Bowl

The Philadelphia Eagles will defeat the Houston Texans in Super Bowl XLVIII and you people will not be able to disrespect the great Andy Reid or Mike Vick again. They are loaded all over the field. I believe that they will have the best defense in the NFL this year which includes my 49ers.

I have future wager bets on Philadelphia (12-1), San Francisco (12-1), Chicago (25-1) and Houston (12-1) to win the Super Bowl. That is how I’m going with it this year. This is better to me than loading up on Green Bay or New England (Both 6-1). Since the year 2000 only one opening preseason Vegas favorite has won the Super Bowl and that was the 2006 Indianapolis Colts. They are also the only single digit favorite (9-1 or less) to win the Super Bowl so I am going with that trend to continue.


The Oakland Raiders traded their 2012 first round pick and 2013 second round pick with conditional conditions.  If the Raiders win a playoff game this season the pick then becomes a first round draft pick as well.  Two high draft picks for……..Carson Palmer?! Huh? The same Carson Palmer who has done squat since suffering a torn ACL in the 2005 playoff game versus Pittsburgh? That guy?!

"I should have played baseball"

In defense for the Raiders, they did just lose their starting QB Jason Campbell for the season.  The Raiders record currently stands at 4-2, and are in prime position to make a run for the division or a wild card berth.  This is the Raiders best season since the 2002 Super Bowl run. The Raiders record after that season is a combined 37-91 not counting this season, so I can understand the necessity of winning now, but TWO potential first rounders can kill long term growth for a team.  That is two potential starters that the Raiders will miss out on for a player that has not played all season.  Did the Raiders not see how the Colts have failed this season with now injured Kerry Collins?! Kerry Collins was drinking a beer and eating chips on his couch when the Colts called him to play football a couple weeks before the season started.  Guess who was sitting next to him? Carson Palmer!

"This was a disaster"

Raiders coach Hue Jackson better hope this experiment works, if it doesn’t heads will roll.  Next year the Raiders only have a fifth and sixth round draft picks.  The Raiders do expect to earn compensatory picks for losing Nnamdi Asomugha, Zach Miller, Robert Gallery, Bruce Gradkowski, and Thomas Howard to free agency this past offseason.  Still the Raiders leave a lot of head scratching on this move, like who was really behind giving up TWO potential first rounders?  One first round pick is extremely too much for Carson Palmer! But TWO!  I guess the Raiders are on a Super Bowl or Bust mindset, unfortunately BUST is more likely to happen.

"Jeah! Send the Trade!"

Peyton Manning Done!?!? Colts future????

Posted: September 9, 2011 in NFL

"Two, give me two more years! I got this!!"

Yesterday it was announced that Peyton Manning was going to miss the opener, and possibly the season?! 10 weeks seems like the target date as Peyton tries to recover from his third surgery in 19 months.  10 weeks is also a dream come true for a surgery that can take 3 months to heal. During the offseason Peyton signed one of the biggest deals in NFL making him one of the highest paid players in the league.  The Colt’s front office was excited over the fact that their top QB in franchise history was locked into a contract for the next 5 years, thus ensuring that Peyton Manning would retire a Indianapolis Colt.  Yesterday’s news though sent shock waves through the NFL, as Peyton elected to have neck surgery, one-level cervical neck fusion, a procedure that usually takes 8-10 weeks to recover.  Peyton is now 36 years old and is not getting any younger.  When an injury involves the neck or back during that age, recovery is not as easy as it was at 26 years old.  Can Peyton recover? Yes. But how will Peyton look once he is back out on the field? Peyton could easily come back and dominate! Or he could come back and stink it up, no one knows for sure how a player will look after surgery.  The real problem lies with the future of the Colts.  Manning has a club option clause which allows the Colts to cut Manning after this season.  The Colts have the option of either paying Manning $28 million for bonus and salary, or cut Manning and not pay anything.  This is a very sticky situation as no one wants to be stuck paying $28 million for a guy that’s not worth it, but at the same time could the Colts actually cut Manning?? February 5th is now decision day in Indianapolis!  Green Bay let Brett Farve go because of their backup plan they had in Aaron Rodgers.  San Francisco did it for years, replacing a legend with another stud.  Then Niners had Joe Montana backed up by Steve Young, once Montana was traded to Kansas City, the Young era began.  Same can be said in regards to Young and Jeff Garcia.  When does a team begin to look for that backup plan to the legend? The Patriots have begun this past offseason with the drafting of Ryan Mallet from Arkansas. Ryan Mallet had a first round grade but slipped to the Patriots who drafted him in the third round.  Mallet won’t be seeing any significant time in the near future because Tom Brady is looking very Brady-like.   At 36 years old, he may not have anything left in the tank after the surgery, but Manning is not the typical 36 year old quarterback, he is Peyton Manning! But it only takes one game to turn old in the NFL, Colts are in a mess and the future looks bleak if they have to pay Manning $28 million and he is nothing but a shell of his former self.

"Who is the future of this franchise??!"

Official Talk NFL Predictions

Posted: September 7, 2011 in NFL
Official Talk Player Predictions
Award Ty Ruben Kevin Alex
Breakout Player Matthew Stafford, QB, DET Matthew Stafford, QB, DET Felix Jones, RB, DAL Kenny Britt, WR, TEN
MVP Aaron Rodgers, QB, GB Aaron Rodgers, QB, GB Michael Vick, QB, PHI Aaron Rodgers, QB, GB
Offensive Player of the Year Calvin Johnson, WR, DET Drew Brees, QB, NO Adrian Peterson, RB, MIN Phillip Rivers, QB, SD
Defensive Player of the Year Ndamukong Suh, DT, DET Jerod Mayo, LB, NE Ndamukong Suh, DT, DET Brian Urlacher, LB, CHI
Offensive Rookie of the Year Mark Ingram, RB, NO Julio Jones, WR, ATL Cam Newton, QB, CAR Tyron Smith, OT, DAL
Defensive Rookie of the Year Von Miller, LB, DEN Von Miller, LB, DEN Von Miller, LB, DEN Von Miller, LB, DEN
Coach of the Year Gary Kubiak, HOU Jim Schwartz, DET Gary Kubiak, HOU Jason Garrett, DAL
Official Talk Playoff Predictions
Playoffs Ty Ruben Kevin Alex
AFC East Champ New York Jets New England Patriots New York Jets New York Jets
AFC North Champ Baltimore Ravens Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers
AFC South Champ Houston Texans Houston Texans Houston Texans Indianapolis Colts
AFC West Champ San Diego Chargers San Diego Chargers San Diego Chargers San Diego Chargers
AFC Wildcard Teams Patriots and Steelers Jets and Ravens Patriots and Ravens Ravens and Texans
NFC East Champ Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia Eagles
NFC North Champ Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers
NFC South Champ New Orleans Saints New Orleans Saints Atlanta Falcons New Orleans Saints
NFC West Champ Arizona Cardinals St. Louis Rams Arizona Cardinals Seattle Seahawks
NFC Wildcard Teams Falcons and Lions Falcons and Lions Lions and Buccaneers Cowboys and Bears
AFC Championship Game Jets over Chargers Patriots over Steelers Chargers over Texans Chargers over Steelers
NFC Championship Game Packers over Eagles Packers over Saints Eagles over Falcons Packers over Eagles
Super Bowl XLVI Packers over Jets Packers over Patriots Eagles over Chargers Packers over Chargers

Ty’s 2011-12 NFL Predictions

Posted: September 5, 2011 in NFL

The NFL is back











Now it is time to see if I can call this years Green Bay Packers like I did last year.

All Heisenberg Team (Because like Walter “Heisenberg” White does on Breaking Bad, these players always get it done no matter the situation)

QB     Tom Brady

RB     Adrian Peterson

FB     Vonta Leach

WR    Andre Johnson

WR    Calvin Johnson

T        Joe Thomas

T        Jake Long

G       Logan Mankins

G        Chris Snee

C        Nick Mangold


E        Dwight Freeney

E        Justin Tuck

T       Ndamukong Suh

T        Haloti Ngata

LB    DeMarcus Ware

LB   James Harrison

LB    Patrick Willis

CB    Darrelle Revis

CB    Nnamdi Asomugha

S       Eric Berry

S       Troy Polamalu

Special Teams

K      Mason Crosby

P      Shane Lechler

KR    Josh Cribbs

7 Things that will happen in the 2011-12 Football Season for sure no doubt about it

1.     Lovie Smith will be fired by the Chicago Bears at the end of the season.  I think the Bears will take a huge step back from last season and go 7-9 at best.

2.     The Detroit Lions will make the playoffs for the first time since 1999.   Matt Stafford will play all 16 games this season.

3.    The Seattle Seahawks will go from first to worst in the NFC West.

4.    The Green Bay will win the NFC North this season after winning the Super Bowl as a wildcard team in 2010.

5.    The Cincinnati Bengals will win the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.

6.    The Indianapolis Colts will miss the playoffs for the first time since 2001.

7.    Adrian Peterson will win the NFL rushing title.

Sleeper Team:  Cleveland Browns

Breakout Player:   Matthew Stafford











He will put up huge numbers this season and will make the Pro Bowl

2011 Awards:

MVP:  Aaron Rodgers











Offensive Player of the Year:  Calvin Johnson








Defensive Player of the Year:   Ndamukong Suh









Offensive Rookie of the Year:  Mark Ingram











Defensive Rookie of the Year:  Von Miller











Coach of the Year: Gary Kubiak








How They Will Finish

(* wildcard team)

AFC East

  1. New York Jets     13-3
  2. *New England Patriots  12-4
  3. Buffalo Bills   6-10
  4. Miami Dolphins 4-12
AFC North
  1. Baltimore Ravens   12-4
  2. *Pittsburgh Steelers 11-5
  3. Cleveland Browns 8-8
  4. Cincinnati Bengals 2-14
AFC South
  1. Houston Texans   10-6
  2. Indianapolis Colts   7-9
  3. Jacksonville Jaguars 6-10
  4. Tennessee Titans  5-11
AFC West
  1. San Diego Chargers   12-4
  2. Oakland Raiders   8-8
  3. Kansas City Chiefs  7-9
  4. Denver Broncos  4-12
NFC East
  1. Philadelphia Eagles  12-4
  2. Dallas Cowboys  10-6
  3. New York Giants   9-7
  4. Washington Redskins   6-10
NFC North
  1. Green Bay Packers 13-3
  2. *Detroit Lions  11-5
  3. Minnesota Vikings   7-9
  4. Chicago Bears  7-9
NFC South
  1. New Orleans Saints   12-4
  2. *Atlanta Falcons   11-5
  3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 9-7
  4. Carolina Panthers   3-13
NFC West
  1. Arizona Cardinals   8-8
  2. St. Louis Rams    7-9
  3. San Francisco 49ers    6-10
  4. Seattle Seahawks   2-14
Playoff Predictions
( )-Playoff Seed
AFC Wildcard Round
(5) New England Patriots 31, (4) Houston Texans 24
(3) Baltimore Ravens 13, (6) Pittsburgh Steelers 10
NFC Wildcard Round
(5) Atlanta Falcons 38, (4) Arizona Cardinals  20
(3) New Orleans Saints 24, (6) Detroit Lions 10
AFC Divisional Round
(1) New York Jets 20, (5) New England Patriots 17
(2) San Diego Chargers 35, (3) Baltimore Ravens 16
NFC Divisional Round
(1)  Green Bay Packers 28, (5) Atlanta Falcons 27
(2) Philadelphia Eagles 33, (3) New Orleans Saints 21
AFC Championship Game
(1) New York Jets 23, (2) San Diego Chargers 13
NFC Championship Game
(1) Green Bay Packers 23, (2) Philadelphia Eagles 21
Super Bowl 46 Winner is the…………..
Green Bay Packers 24, New York Jets 20
Green Bay won the Super Bowl without Ryan Grant, Jermichael Finley and 13 other players who were on IR last season.   They should be a better football team this season so I bet on them to win the Super Bowl at 7-1 the other day.  I also did two others which are the Philadelphia Eagles who I was lucky to catch at 12-1 before Vince Young said the now infamous “Dream Team” comment.   My other future is the New York Jets at 16-1 to win the Super Bowl.   The Houston Texans at 30-1 is a good longshot bet if anyone is looking to go low and hit a big payday.
Picking the Eagles-Packers NFC Championship Game winner was tough as ever but Ill go with the better offensive line for now in Green Bay.  The Eagle secondary could be the greatest thing ever assembled with Asomugha, Rodgers-Cromartie and Samuel all at cornerback.  Ill go as far as saying that the Eagles-Packers NFC Championship Game will be the real Super Bowl.


Yes People you read that correctly! Mike Vick just signed a 6 year $100M contract, with $40M of that guaranteed (And the PETA weeps!).
Vick spent 18 months in jail for running a neighbor hood dog fighting ring (When Donte’ Stallworth got away with drunk driving and murder with a mere house arrest, but thats a WHOLE DIFFERENT story) and has over come. In 2001 vick was the overall #1 draft pick, but then went to prison. When he came back in 2009, he signed with Philadelphia as a 3rd string quarterback. For anyone thats ever made a mistake in life, Vick is definitely someone to look to for inspiration and hope.

The Tennessee Titans camp is DONE, and Chris Johnson did not take part in any of it.  Why? Chris Johnson is holding-out because he wants to get PAID! Hey its America and everyone has the right to do and ask for whatever they want.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get it.  Chris Johnson wants to be paid $30 million guaranteed, and is looking at receiving $15-20 million a season. Nope, that’s elite QB money right there.  Last checked Chris Johnson does not call any audibles, does not read defenses before the snap to make adjustments and call a new play, and he does not even have the green sticker on his helmet which means he is talking to the coach before every play.  If the position calls for all of that, and the player is amazing at it, then he gets paid $15-20 million a year.  Peyton Manning and Tom Brady command those types of numbers, and h

ave single-handily won Super Bowls for their franchise, without an elite running back.  Larry Fitzgerald is an elite wide receiver who recently signed a deal paying him $15 million a season.  Fitz is an elite wideout that does warrant that type of money.  Wide receivers have to also make adjustments, during the play.  They have to know whether they are going to break off a route and sit in a zone, or continue the designed route that may take them across the middle of the field where an 250-260lb middle linebacker is waiting to kill him, or if a 220lb safety is plotting to take the head right off a defenseless receiver.  If the WR can take that type of punishment, still make the catch, and make yards afterwards by bouncing off tacklers, then pay him.  But only if he is elite, which means he consistently makes that catch!  Chris Johnson is an elite runningback, unfortunately his position does not warrant $15-20 million dollars a year.  Chris does not make any yards if his line cannot block for him.  The same cannot be said about a QB because Ben Roethlisberger won a Super Bowl, and made it to the Super Bowl with one of the worst lines in the league.  Chris Johnson does not make adjustments during a play, unless he cuts back which can result into a loss of yards, which Chris does regularly.  Chris Johnson is only supposed to run, run to the hole or opening and make a play.  That’s worth $10-13 million if the back is elite.  Adrian Peterson of the Vikings is regarded as the best running back i
n the NFL, he gets $10 million.  The Titans have reportedly offered Chris Johnoson $10-13 million, he has continued to say “no” and has not participate in any pre-season meetings, practices, or games.  The Titans have asked Chris to report to camp so they can work out a deal, and he does not even have to practice.  They just want him there for the meetings so he can be mentally prepared for the season.  Chris is in Orlando where it is reported that he is working out, by himself.  We have seen this story before, elite player holds out, contract gets settled, player returns to practice, and blows his knee.  Just ask Michael Turner about “holding-out.”