The BCS was just released and it was what we all expected.   LSU, Alabama, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Boise State are the top 5 teams right now and I could not disagree.   Is that how things will stand on Sunday, December 4th for the Bowl Selection Show?  Since current #1 LSU will play #2 Alabama on November 5th, and #3 Oklahoma will travel to Stillwater to face Oklahoma State for Bedlam on December 3rd, we know for sure that two of the top five will lose at least one game.  Here is how I think it will unfold from here along with a review and player/team awards.  For the record those of you who saw my picks in July I had Alabama over Oklahoma in the BCS Title Game.

Midseason Awards:

Epic Fail Award for a team:  Florida State Seminoles

This team made me look stupid again this season but they pretty much made everybody look stupid this year.

Epic Fail Award for a player:  Steven Garcia, QB, South Carolina

He is trash and always has been trash.   It is a shame that it took Spurrier four years to kick him off the team.

"I am the Legend"

Surprise Team Award:  Kansas State Wildcats

Bill Synder is doing it again.   He is a legend

Surprise Player Award:  Tyrann Mathieu, CB, LSU

The “Honey Badger” is the new Charles Woodson of CFB

National Freshman of the Year:  Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson

This kid is going to win the ACC MVP as a freshman.   He is could be one of the best players in ACC history when it is all said and done.

National Defensive Player of Year: Melvin Ingram, DE, South Carolina

I think he has more touchdowns than WR and teammate Alshon Jeffery lol

"Either run with me, or run from me, or get ran OVER!"F

Midseason Heisman Winner:  Trent Richardson, RB, Alabama

Sticking with my July prediction here.

Midseason Conference Champion Predictions

ACC:   Clemson over Virginia Tech

Big East: West Virginia

Big10:  Wisconsin over Nebraska

Big12:  Oklahoma Sooners

CUSA:  Houston over Southern Miss

MAC:  Toledo over Temple

Mountain West: Boise State Broncos

SEC:  Alabama over Georgia

Sun Belt: Louisana-Lafayette Ragin Cajins

Pac12:  Stanford over Arizona State

WAC: Nevada Wolfpack

BCS Bowl Predictions

Rose:   Stanford Cardinal vs Wisconsin Badgers

Sugar:  LSU Tigers vs Oregon Ducks

Orange:  Clemson Tigers vs West Virginia Mountaineers

Fiesta:  Oklahoma State Cowboys vs Boise State Broncos

BCS National Championship Game:  Alabama Crimson Tide vs Oklahoma Sooners

Sticking with my prediction from July.  To all the gamblers out there I would recommend putting some money on Oklahoma State to win it all.  They were 15-1 yesterday on a few sites and they control their own destiny.


"What character should each Big 12 school play??"

As the college football world turns…….the Big 12 needs to just get it together!  With all the “will they stay” and “will they go” drama going on the Pac-12 made the decision for the four Big 12 teams that have been speculated in joining the conference, “After careful review we have determined that it is in the best interests of our member institutions, student-athletes and fans to remain a 12-team conference,” straight from Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott’s mouth.  Their are many issues in regards of the revenue sharing between the other 15 supposed Pac-12 schools and the University of Texas’s “Longhorn Network.”  The top issue was: Texas was not going to share any revenue with the other schools.

Now the Big 12 is still in need of adding one team to three teams, and that is if it can keep Missouri who has been rumored to being the SEC’s 14th school.  Not to mention, Texas can still leave to the ACC or go independent. Texas and Oklahoma officials are supposed to meet this week to discuss a possible five-year commitment from all the current Big 12 teams.  Oklahoma wants the Big 12 to put regulations on Texas and their Longhorn Network, and also is calling for the ousting of current Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe.  Oklahoma believes Beebe is not a functional commissioner especially with the Big 12 losing Nebraska and Texas A&M under his watch.  In order to change the commissioner though, a majority vote has to be reached by the nine Big 12 school presidents.

"Well that is a $997,000 question!"

If the Big 12 stays together the major changes that were to happen to college football will be delayed, while the minor changes will have some effect.  But mainly in basketball.  While in football it is rumored that BYU will be the school that replaces A&M in the conference, but it wants to be assured that the Big 12 conference will remain intact before they begin the application process.  If the Big 12 loses Missouri to the SEC as well, Southern Methodist University or the University of Houston would replace Missouri in the Big 12.  If somehow the Big 12 can convince TCU to renege on the Big East and join the Big 12 that would be a great benefit to the conference as  well.  In fact add in Rice as well.  Bring back all the old Texas rivalries!!

"Only in Texas do people get excited about Rice vs Houston!!!"

Kobe Time! In Italy??!

Posted: September 21, 2011 in NBA

"Future Mitchell and Ness Jersey??!"

There are exactly TWO WEEKS till training camps across the NBA are scheduled to start, if the players aren’t locked-out of course! Today is the 82nd day since the NBA players went on strike, and it seems as if NOTHING has changed since Day 1.  Few of the players from the NBA took matters into their own hands and…..left the NBA.  Forever? Maybe not, but for now, yes.  Many of the players that left temporary(again, maybe) are players like Leandro Barboso(Toronto) and Nicolas Batum (Portland) are returning back to Brazil and France, their country of origin.  Foreign-born players were always speculated to leaving the NBA for basketball leagues in their home country.  What many people were waiting on was a BIG name player to take their talents overseas.  Deron Williams of the New Jersey Nets was the first big name to ink with an overseas team, “Beşiktaş” from the Turkish basketball league.  Other big name players like Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant have flirted publicly that playing overseas is an option that they may exercise.  The big name though, Kobe Bryant, has been mentioned many times about playing overseas.  Kobe has publicly came forward during interviews and expressed his desire in continuing to play professional basketball during the lockout, and it seems as if Kobe’s agent, Rob Pelinka, has made that desire come true.  Kobe’s camp is currently hammering out a deal that will pay Kobe $600,000 each game for the Italian team “Virtus Bologna.”  Kobe is due to make $25 million this season from the Lakers, but if their is no season, then no money.

Kobe’s love for the game cannot be bought.  Kobe has played in games ranging from the Olympics to Rucker Park, it does not matter to him as long as their is a hoop.  Kobe playing the season in Italy is a huge possibility, he spent plenty of years in Italy and is fluent in Italian.  The NBA doesn’t seem as if it will begin on time, let alone at all.  If the NBA does begin sometime this season their is a clause in the contract that allows Kobe to leave the team and return back to LA.  So why not?!

An injury could jeopardize the $25 million or even the entire contract itself which is a three-year $90 million contract. Small potatoes.  That is money that Kobe will only miss out on, not lose. The same Owner of the Virtus Bologna, Claudio Sabatini, is also trying to lure back former Bologna star Mannu Ginobili back to the team as well.  Seems as if it could be the making of a colossal team in Bologna?! Everyone knows how much Kobe wants to play with a competitive team, and to say that you won a NBA Championship, Olympic Gold Metal, and a Italian League Championship, not many players can say that.  The NBA lockout does not look like its going to end anytime soon, and life does go on and bills have to be paid.  If Kobe joins the growing pool of NBA players  this offseason that have defected from the NBA to an overseas team, the owners may have to rethink their negotiating strategies.  If their are no NBA players left, then their will be no league.  So who will be the next NBA superstar to go, cause it doesn’t look like the owners are going to back down anytime soon!

"Turkey, Italy, or Spain???"

Money, Mergers, and Texas

Posted: September 20, 2011 in COLLEGE FOOTBALL

"Conference breakdown??!!"

On September 17th it was announced that Pittsburgh and Syracuse would be bolting the Big East for the ACC.  Texas A&M has already announced that they are leaving the Big 12 for the SEC, now the college football world waits for Texas to make a decision.  The “Texas decision” has the teams in the rest of the Big 12 flying a holding pattern right now.  Oklahoma is almost ready to bolt for the Pac 12, and Oklahoma State is going along for the ride.  Texas Tech would like to join those two for the Pac 12 party but it will only be invited if Texas answers their invitation.  Texas is still mulling over their options which are: remain in the Big 12 which would keep the other three schools from bolting, leave to the ACC which would further improve that conference in both football and basketball, or go independent and live off the 20 year $300 million deal that ESPN paid for the Longhorn network.  Talk about options!? With Texas on the fence where do the remaining Big 12 schools land?  With the ACC upping their exit buyout fee to $20 million from $10-13 million last week, Florida State or any ACC school for that matter, does not look like a candidate for the SEC’s 14th team slot.  Missouri though does!  Missouri which has been rumored for years that it would defect from the Big 12 for the Big 10 seems to be the best candidate at the moment for the illustrious SEC.  A move to the SEC would mean a move that would earn Missouri over $18 million in the SEC’s television deal alone.  Which would be a pretty nice size pay increase. Currently the Big 12 teams make between $9-11 million each school.  How about the remaining Big 12 schools?

"Future looks very BLEAK!"

Their have been talks recently of a Big 12/Big East merger which could possibly save those large checks that the BCS hands out at the end of their bowl games.  Kansas, Kansas State, Baylor, and Iowa State all will have to leave the Big 12 to join the Big East football schools.  TCU also joins the conference next year as well, making the conference a little better than what it seems on paper.  TCU did beat Wisconsin last year.  What little fanfare the Big12/Big East merger would create for football, basketball season will be buzzing! Kansas, Baylor, and Kansas State all playing Georgetown, Villanova, Notre Dame, and Louisville!  Now that is a powerful basketball conference!  The ACC though has two more things in mind as well, and that is UCONN and Rutgers.

"Move!!! The bank stole some new teams!"

The current Big East football champion UCONN Huskies and the university of Rutgers are rumored to be defecting from the Big East to join the ACC.  While the move does absolutely nothing for the ACC in regards to football, basketball just became a whole lot more interesting in the ACC.  The ACC has always been known for great basketball, but recently it seems as if the conference is only top heavy.  UNC and Duke always field a great team, Florida State has been solid recently, and Maryland, Clemson, and North Carolina State will pop up on the national radar from time to time.  Pittsburgh and Syracuse have been added to the ACC recently, and with the addition of UCONN(Rutgers is just trash in basketball) the ACC will have the past three national champions in their conference.  Now that’s a party! Syracuse vs UNC, Coach K vs Jim Calhoun! The ACC will be full of story lines once the merger is finalized! But, for the Big East/Big 12 merger to happen, Texas needs to make a final decision.  If Texas does not make a move, nothing moves.  The future of college football landscape is all in the hands of Texas!


"Looks like we got some decisions to make!"

Money doesn’t do CHEAP!

Posted: September 19, 2011 in COLLEGE FOOTBALL

"Even with his eyes on Floyd, Ortiz still couldn't stop his punch!"

The mega-fight on September 17 between Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Victor Ortiz has came and went.  The result? A typical Floyd Mayweather beat down with a very entertaining exchange between Mayweather and HBO career-long analyst the 80 year-old Larry Merchant.  Mayweather knocked out Ortiz in the fourth round after the two exchanged hugs over the intentional headbutt that Ortiz used on Mayweather.  The first three rounds were typical Mayweather rounds; counter-punching everything Ortiz threw and landing clean right hands to Ortiz jaw.  It was getting to the point where Ortiz was not really sure if he was  fighting a man, or a ghost, with punches hitting Ortiz from all angles.  Mayweather at one time actually put his left hand on Ortiz head and hit Ortiz with a clean right hand in the third round.  In the fourth round Ortiz tried the usual strategy that former Mayweather opponents have tried to use in the past, which is to bully Floyd, rough him up and mug him in the ring.  Ortiz began to use this strategy in the fourth, “trying” to mug Mayweather and force him on the ropes.  Ortiz forced Mayweather on the ropes and began to swing wildly at Mayweather with most of his punches going “wide left” and “wide right.”  Frustrated with his inability to hit Mayweather, Ortiz launched his head forward into Mayweather’s jaw.  Which was Ortiz first mistake. The referee Joe Cortez immediately stopped the fight and docked a point away from Ortiz.  Ortiz, seeming very apologetic, until he “kissed” Mayweather on the cheek and said “sorry.” Second mistake because now you are making fun of Floyd, it seemed as if Ortiz was trying to make Floyd feel inferior by kissing him on his cheek.  Remember their is a fight going on?!  Kissing Floyd and then laughing about the whole thing was also very disrespectful because this was not a “incidental” headbutt, Ortiz intentionally headbutted Floyd.

"And Floyd is the dirty fighter?!"

What occurred next to Ortiz, he deserved.  After the referee Cortez docked a point away from Ortiz cause of the headbutt, he brought the two fighters together and stepped away, which prompted Ortiz to want to hug Floyd, again!  This had to be the third time that Ortiz apologized and hugged Mayweather, how many times does he need to apologize? Its over lets move on.  What Ortiz did next was something that boxing coaches teach early in the sport, “never take your eyes off your opponent!” In the beginning of the fight the referee also explains to both boxers that they must “protect yourself at all times.”  Ortiz though took his eyes off Floyd after the break and looked at the ref as if the ref was supposed to say something.

"I'm over here"


Floyd took advantage of a situation.  A situation many of us would do after being disrespected in front of millions of viewers around the world.  With Ortiz looking at the ref, Floyd threw a left hook, followed by a straight right which knocked Ortiz onto the floor unable to get up before the ref’s 10-count expired.

Many boxing fans are split by the end result last night.  Many fans claim that Floyd is “dirty” because he hit Ortiz when Ortiz was not looking.  Many other boxing fans see the ending justified with the ref’s directions of “protect yourself at all times”, which Joe Cortez himself explained that the punch was legal.  In the end its just fans that hate Mayweather and will never give Money the respect he earned and deserved.  Saturday night Floyd fought a fighter that out weighed him by 14 pounds and Floyd handled him easily.  Ortiz was the idiot.  If Ortiz never headbutted Mayweather, Ortiz would have never been in a position to get “clocked,” intentionally, by Mayweather.  Ortiz was the idiot that took his eyes off of Mayweather to begin with!  The Ortiz camp claimed Mayweather was a dirty fighter, so wouldn’t the smart thing for Ortiz to do is “pay attention to Mayweather, who you are fighting, and not the ref!?” Ortiz tried to blame everyone but himself after the fight. It was Ortiz fault, and he needs to man up.  Hopefully a rematch will not be structured and the next fight Mayweather has is against Manny Pacquiao.  Or maybe a fight against Larry Merchant who told Mayweather at the end of the fight “if I was 50 years younger I would kick your ass!”  Sure Larry, PPV anyone?!!


"Get at me Larry!"

NCAA Landscape Changes Taking Place

With the University of Pittsburgh and Syracuse University announcing that they are applying for entry into the ACC the second major domino has fell in college football.  Let the reshuffling begin!! All week their has been speculation of Oklahoma joining the Pac 12, and Texas either joining the Pac 12, ACC, or going independent.  The ACC though made the big grab which benefits…  Without any disrespect to Syracuse and Pittsburgh football, those programs suck.  Now in basketball Pitt and Syracuse help the ACC tremendously! Syracuse and Pittsburgh basketball programs are both elite, as Syracuse won the national title in 2003, Pittsburgh naturally chokes up in the tournament both during the regular season they are a force.  Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim is a hall of fame coach who joins a conference which already features future hall of famers Roy Williams from UNC and Coach K from Duke.  With the additions of Syracuse and Pittsburgh the ACC would feature 4 teams that have property in the land of top 10 teams in the nation.  The two additions don’t really offer much in football though. Pittsburgh is a “ehhh” program, they did win the Big East last year, but only won 8 games in the process.  Syracuse has improved some, but their recruiting needs to step up tremendously if they are going to be contending for an ACC division crown.  In the ACC they are rarely going to challenge ACC powers VA Tech and FSU, Pitt will be one of those second to fourth place teams in either division of the ACC.  Syracuse will contend with Duke and Wake Forest for the bottom of the basement.  The Big East rules state that a team must give the conference 27 months notice that it is leaving the conference, so the change would not take place for another two years.  Two teams that have been rumored to joining the Big East are Baylor and Iowa State who are looking for a home once the Big 12 falls apart.  It seems that the Big East is becoming the scrape heap of mid-tier teams of college football.  The Big East features West Virginia and South Florida, two good programs that will never contend for a national title.  If the Big East wants to keep that BCS money they are receiving, its going to need West Virginia and South Florida step its game up ASAP.  TCU also joins the Big East next year and are an up-and-coming big time program and should dominate the conference from the word “go.”  Can they make some noise on the national level? Check out what TCU did to Wisconsin last year in the Rose Bowl and afterwards the answer will by “yes.”

"Future Conference Game??!

The real question though is, “Will Florida State leave the ACC for the SEC?”  FSU is a football school period.  The ACC is trying to desperately save the conference when it comes to football and with the addition of Texas(speculation) its will become both a football and basketball conference.  The ACC Presidents unanimously voted that the buyout for a team to leave the conference be increased from $13 million to $20 million, making it a lot harder for a team to leave.  The Big East buyout is currently at $5 million making it a lot easier to leave the conference.  Florida State may have to stay with a buyout that large, although for the right price anything is possible.  Other teams that are speculated in leaving: Missouri to the Big 10 or Big East, Oklahoma St to the Pac 12, Texas Tech to the Pac 12, West Virginia to the Big 10 or ACC, Rutgers to the ACC. So who is next???


"Woo! Shoooot I I got sum optioms!"


Who blows $55M?

Posted: September 16, 2011 in COLLEGE FOOTBALL


Chris McAlister

Chris McAlister

   According to TMZ, McAlister is now living at home with his parents getting financial assistance from them. He says:

I live in my parent’s home. My parents provide me with my basic living expenses as I do not have the funds to do so.

Now,  in this economy it may sound like just another person hit by the recession.  The twist to this story is that Chris was drafted in the first round of the 1999 NFL. You know first rounders demand top dollar, and he did to the tune of $55 million, and went on to play for 10 years, achieving  pro bowl honors, and part of the 2001 Super bowl winning Ravens squad.

McAlisters financials are now in the media because he is attempting to lower his monthly child support payments of $11,000 PER MONTH to his ex wife.  His complaint is that since he has been unemployed since 2009…He has no income…which led to him living off of his parents…after blowing $55M+…

Now I can see just not wanting to pay $11,000 a month, but living with your parents and depending on them for basic living expenses…

Souce: TMZ