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The season is finally here.  The offseason of chaos involving Penn State and the rest of the non sense can be put on the backburner for now.  Its all about watching the games on Saturdays from noon to midnight and following the road to the BCS Championship on January 7, 2013 in Miami, Florida.

The predictions of the 2012-12 college football season from Kevin, Alex and myself are below in the table.


Alex Ty Kevin
ACC Atlantic Clemson Florida State Florida State
ACC Coastal Virginia Tech Virginia Tech Virginia Tech
ACC Champion Virginia Tech Florida State Florida State
Big East South Florida South Florida Louisville
Big 10 Leaders Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin
Big 10 Legends Michigan Michigan Michigan State
Big 10 Champion Michigan Michigan Michigan State
Big 12 Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma
SEC East Georgia Georgia Georgia
SEC Champion LSU LSU Georgia
PAC12 North Oregon Oregon Oregon
PAC12 Champion USC USC USC
Mountain West Fresno State Nevada Fresno State
C-USA West SMU SMU Houston
C-USA East Southern Miss Southern Miss Southern Miss
C-USA Champion SMU over Southern Miss SMU over Southern Miss Houston over Southern Miss
MAC East Bowling Green Ohio Miami OH
MAC West Western Michigan Western Michigan Western Michigan
MAC Champion Bowling Green Western Michigan Western Michigan
WAC Louisana Tech Louisana Tech Louisana Tech
Sun Belt Louisana Louisana FIU
Notre Dame’s W-L record for 2012 7-5 8-4 9-3
Sleepers to win BCS Title BYU and Arkansas Texas and Arkansas West Virginia and Texas
2012 Heisman Trophy Winner Denard Robinson, QB, Michigan, Senior Matt Barkley, QB, USC, Senior Matt Barkley, QB, USC, Senior
2012 Fraud Team that is overrated right now Florida State TCU Florida
2013 BCS National Title Game LSU over Michigan USC over Florida State Florida State over Georgia

The possibility of Texas A&M bolting from the Big 12 to the SEC is now a reality, once Baylor University stops acting like a HATER!!!  With Texas A&M leaving the Big 12, the landscape of college football will be changed completely next summer, so enjoy the current-state the conferences are in today.  Baylor comes into play because they are blocking, legally, the move by Texas A&M to the SEC.  Earlier this week the Big 12 issued a letter to the SEC allowing A&M to leave the Big 12 to the SEC without any legal troubles.  Now Baylor University is threatening legal action if A&M tries to leave the Big 12 for the SEC! Why?! Well once Texas A&M leaves that is when the dominoes of college football will begin to fall.  The SEC has to take a 14th or expand to 16 teams in order to continue its money-grabbing SEC Title Game.  The possible departure of A&M has Oklahoma University also exploring its possible defection to another conference as well.  OU has been rumored to be flirting with the idea of joining the PAC-12.  If OU leaves to the Pac-12 it is sure that Oklahoma St, Texas Tech, and possibly Texas may follow(more on that later).  That would then be the end of the Big 12 football conference, and the end of Baylor football receiving BCS bowl game money.  The PAC-12 could possibly have the first “Super Conference!?!”  The SEC would almost certainly follow suit as they would love to add three more schools including Texas A&M.  The Big 12 would just die.

But who would the SEC raid for teams?  The ACC is prime for its conference to become picked of its schools.  Florida State, Clemson, and NC State all have been rumored to being “salivated at the mouth” when mentioned as a possible SEC invitee.  Virginia Tech has been rumored as well, but the Virginia Tech faithful have denied any interest in joining the SEC.

Virginia Tech is exceedingly pleased with our membership in the ACC. It is the perfect conference for us. The university administration has no interest in any discussion concerning affiliation with any conference other than the ACC.

Quoted from the Virginia Tech President, Charles Steger.  Fans have also jumped on board as many have mentioned on the message boards that VA Tech is the perfect conference for them, easy to win.  Which for the past 5 years the ACC has been very simple to win as no other major school has challenged their dominance.  The other three schools mentioned would join the SEC in an instant!  Creating another super conference.

"Show me that SEC money, I'm ready for it!"

The Big 10 would not stand still though as teams were being gobbled up by other conferences.  Missouri has been rumored for years of “listening” to the Big 10 as far as becoming a member in that conference.  Missouri’s addition would bring the number up to 13, which school would be 14? That is where the Big East comes in, again.  Six years ago the Big East lost Boston College, Virginia Tech, and Miami all to the ACC so the ACC could expand to 12 teams and host an ACC Title game.  This time it seems as only Rutgers would leave the Big East and go to the Big 10. Thus giving the Big 10 fourteen teams in its conference.  The only other schools the Big 10 would pick up would be Notre Dame, and then BYU.   As usual though, Notre Dame will not be joining ANY conference in the near future, it does not have to because of the $15 million a season NBC pays Notre Dame to broadcast all their home games.

Speaking of Notre Dame; on the football field it is an independent school, free to play whomever it chooses to and is not affiliated with any conference in regards to football.  On the basketball court Notre Dame plays in the Big East conference which has been recognized as either the top basketball conference or second.  The ACC is also known for basketball and could actually win on the basketball court, while lose on the football field.  Football is king, but the ACC knows that it cannot compete with the SEC or Big 10 when it involves MONEY!  Those two conferences demand the top dollar from the different broadcast companies in order to broadcast their football games.  The SEC alone receives $2.25 billion dollars from ESPN for the next 13 years, while also racking in the $825 million deal with CBS.  So what could the ACC have in mind?? Basketball.  The ACC may not be as top to bottom stacked in basketball compared to the Big East, but it does have UNC/Duke.  Two of the most famous basketball schools in the country.  The ACC could invite Syracuse, Conn, and Pitt to all leave the Big East and join their conference.  This would continue the ACC title game as it would still have 12 teams, but also make the ACC one of, if not, the top basketball conference in the nation.

These new alignments would be great for college football as this would inch the nation even closer to a college football playoffs.  It would also spell the end of the NCAA, as these very same conferences could(and would) leave the NCAA to play in the BCS division of football.  The BCS already dominates college football with its BCS big money bowl games.  Instead of schools electing to play in a playoff for the NCAA, the schools elect to play in bowl games which could earn them millions of dollars.  The PAC-12 would feature teams like Oklahoma, USC, Oregon, and Oklahoma State.  The Big 10 would feature Nebraska, Ohio State, Penn State, and Michigan State.  The ACC would pit Va Tech and…..maybe Miami if they ever become good.  The SEC would field Alabama, LSU, Georgia, Florida State, Florida, South Carolina, and Arkansas.  It would be insane!  All the best teams would play each other, and a national champion may actually be decided on the field!  The driving factor behind all this????? MONEY! The television stations: ESPN, ABC, CBS, and Fox would all have to draw up new contracts with the conferences, which in turn would drive up the price!  These very same schools would also be the schools that “jump-ship” from the NCAA to the BCS, and the fans would not care too much as long as it resembles a playoff!  But what about the Big 12??

With all this money and ship jumping the Big 12 and the Big East would actually sink.  Texas would not stay in the Big 12, they would turn independent because of the new 20 year $300,000 tv contract to create the Longhorn Network through ESPN.  Which leaves teams like Baylor, Kansas, and Kansas State speaking very loud about blocking A&M’s move to the SEC and threatening to use legal action against the school.  Smart decision on their part.  Unfortunately schools that can make some noise, Oklahoma and Texas, have become mum about the situation.  Texas though has joined the other eight schools, minus Oklahoma, to block A&M’s defection to the SEC.  At the end, it is just a matter of time that A&M gets what it wants and leaves.  Money rules college football, and as the saying goes: Little Money(Baylor, small schools) never tells Big Money(the BCS and its mega schools) what to do!  Enjoy the final year of the current state of college football, cause next year will be a completely new ball game!  Unless Baylor some how gets its wish?!

"Why are those damn Baylor Bears being so difficult!"

source: The Roanoke Times